Take the penis with one hand and gently lick the entire lower portion, beginning from the scrotum. When you reach directly the head, gently grasp it with your mouth. On how excited your partner is, you will see which part of his penis the most sensitive and delivers the greatest pleasure your guy.
After you become familiar with his erogenous zones, pay attention to how you can in the future to determine the proximity of his orgasm. It is important at least in order to prevent premature ejaculation. The main indicators of the proximity of the orgasm: the head of the penis increases slightly, tighten the thigh, on the tip of the penis appear translucent drops of liquid. If this happens, then he is at the peak. But it is at least a giant step on the path to meeting your young man, but not the most important.
Try to take the penis in your hand, pull the skin off the head and start to lick her. The movement language can be very diverse: from slow strokes to fast short touch.
Then grab the penis with your mouth deeply, but not squeeze your lips around the barrel. Start rotating movements of the head. The penis will make available a circular motion in your mouth. This exercise is easier to do, kneeling in front of a partner, or when he is lying, and your head is just above his cock. Rotational motion you should do it clockwise, then against. Such flirting is a great pleasure to man and can last a long time.
One of the most popular techniques is to take the penis partner mouth, but not deep. Find language penis. Lick the region of the frenulum (where the foreskin ends and the skin begins) under the head. Then release the penis and repeat all over again, clasping the shaft of the penis with your hand.