Select the pharmacy the syringe depending on what purposes you are going to use it, what is your threshold of sensitivity (use of a syringe with a soft tip less painful), what volume of water or drug solution you are going to use. For washing the vagina it is better to buy special irrigation syringe.
Check the syringe sharp odor, unusual material from which it is made. Often producers wanting to mask the unpleasant smell from poor quality raw materials, add various kinds of fragrances that can cause allergies or violation of microflora of the intestines or vagina. Will see if there are any nodules on the surface of the syringe and burrs in its Central part (more than 1 mm). If there is, give up the purchase of this product. The soft tip should not be too flexible, as it can lead to injury of tissue or complicate the procedure.
Prepare warm boiled water, broth or remedy for douching rectum and colon. Boil the tip and put it on the syringe, and then immerse it in liquid. Squeeze the bulb syringe and dial as much water, broth or solution of medication as you want. Lie on left or right side (depending on whether you are right-handed or left-handed) or on your back, bend your knees. Take the syringe and push it into the anus and gently insert its tip. Lightly pressing on the primer bulb, slowly inject the fluid in a few minutes. Breathe deeply to release tension. After this procedure try to avoid sudden movements.
For washing the vagina prepare a special irrigation syringe. If you decide to use a conventional syringe, do not use to lavage the intestines and vagina are one and the same tip. Boil the tip in for 5 minutes. Prepare a solution of drugs (this may be a spermicidal drug) or warm boiled water. Take the syringe, put it on the tip, place it in the liquid. Squeeze the pear and enter as much liquid as necessary. Lie down in the tub on his back, putting his feet on the side, or lean over the toilet. Bring the syringe to the vagina and carefully insert the tip. Maximum relax, the liquid is not received in the vagina under a lot of pressure and doesn't reach the uterus. Within a few minutes to slowly inject the liquid. After the procedure try some time not to strain when walking.