"Aspirin" against conception

One of the most popular tips is the suggestion to use "Aspirin" as a contraceptive. It is recommended that ten minutes before sex to enter into the vagina one or two pills that allegedly reduces the chances of conception to zero.

Women believe that the "Aspirin" of the vagina creates an acidic environment that kills sperm (or making them inactive, not far from the truth), thus excluding the pregnancy. There is a perception that "Aspirin" in this case has the same effect as the contraceptive candles that reduce the activity of sperm, thus preventing fertilization of the egg. In some cases, "Aspirin" is replaced by a solution of citric acid in water, yogurt or lemon juice.
A variety of douches are of no benefit, and some (for example, douching own urine) may contribute to the entry of dangerous infections in the vagina.

The point of view of physicians

Gynaecologists believe such protection measures ineffective, not giving a perfect result, and note that there are a huge number of patented, proven tools that provide much better protection.

However, they do not deny that "Aspirin" can be used as contraception, but the effectiveness of this method quite low. Such methods can easily cause serious injury because high concentrations of Aspirin can cause very strong allergic reactions and irritation of mucous membranes.

You need to consider that after ejaculation to introduce a tablet of Aspirin in the vagina makes no sense, as to apply douching with a solution of citric acid and water or water and Aspirin. After intercourse, sperm enter the cervix, where acid could not "reach". Such procedures can only harm your body.
To protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy, it is necessary to use modern means of contraception, past clinical studies and proven to be effective.

It should be noted that the majority of folk methods of contraception less effective. For example, it is believed that after unprotected sex to rid of your sperm, you need a good jump. Experts report that to shake out the spermatozoa from the uterus is impossible, because they move quickly.