You will need
  • - flatus tube of the desired size;
  • - vaseline.
Buy the vapor tube only at the pharmacy, unopened packaging. The diameter depends on the age of the baby, for babies take the fixture with the numbers 15 and 16 (smallest). The dimensions of the tube 17 and 18 are of larger diameter and an additional third hole on the side. The packaging usually write and the serial number, and age of the baby, who will fit this tube.
Before applying the vapor tube should be boiled. Let it cool, grease the rounded hole of boiled vegetable oil, petroleum jelly or baby cream. Wash your hands with soap and water, you can wear thin gloves sterile. Place it on a flat surface, like a table flannelette blanket, lay the cloth, and her diaper.
A newborn need to put on the back, and the older child on the left flank. Legs gently hold the belly. Babies vent tube enter no more than three or four centimeters. Child with no deeper than five to six centimeters. Make a mark on the tube, so as not to injure the intestines of the baby.
Reassure the baby that he was relaxed. If he was going to cry, tense muscles will not give painlessly to enter the tube. Stroke baby's tummy in a circular motion clockwise. Gently and smoothly make the legs of the baby "bike". All these actions will facilitate and accelerate the discharge of gases when you insert a tube. Gently rotary motion to enter the vapor tube in the anal hole by a specified distance.
Hold the device so that it does not fall out. Lightly stir the tube, the gases depart easier. The procedure should last about five to ten minutes. All this time away from the baby. When stool and gas come out, the baby need to wash away, and venting the tube thoroughly cleaned.
Reuse vent pipe is allowed only after 3-4 hours. Try to do without it, feed the child properly, follow the rules, do massage.
Better before you put the vapor tube baby the first time, to observe the work performed by the nurses or doctor. Because if you do something wrong, it is possible to wound mucosa of the rectum of the child and subsequent bleeding.