You will need
  • Glass jars (10-16 pieces for adult, 6-8 pieces for children), wick, ethyl alcohol (Cologne or vodka, but in any case not gasoline and not kerosene), matches or lighter, vaseline, a towel, warm blanket.
Take out glass medical banks and check each for integrity. Even with a small defect (cracking, chipping) of the Bank may during the procedure burst.
Ask the patient to undress from the waist up and lie on her stomach. Brush it back with vaseline (hard rubbing is not necessary, otherwise the vaseline will penetrate and contact the banks with the skin is not going to happen).
Wrap the end of the tweezers, scissors or knitting needles and wool, moistened in alcohol, slightly wring.
Set fire soaked in alcohol cotton. Quickly bring the burning match into the jar and, making the inside of the rotational movement for 1-2 seconds, pull it out and attach the can to the back. She needs to "stick". Try to keep the air from getting inside the banks.
Put 5-6 cans on each half of the back along the spine, positioning at a distance of 4-5 cm from one another.
Cover the patient with a warm blanket. Let it lie for 8-10 minutes. Ensure that he wasn't moving and even breathing.
Remove the banks. To do this, each slightly tilt to the side and down under the edge finger. When the jar gets air, it will easily lag behind his back.
Wipe the back of the patient with a clean towel, RUB a little alcohol and again cover with a blanket. Make sure that within half an hour he had not undressed and was lying quietly.