Method of use of the syringe

The syringe is a rubber bulb with a special tip. Before application it is necessary to disinfect by disconnecting the tip and the balloon. Disinfection of the container is carried out by boiling for 10 min in distilled water, and the tip - dip in a solution of hydrogen peroxide. In the conditions of medical institutions of the syringe is disinfected by complete immersion in hydrogen peroxide or chloramine in accordance with the existing normative-technical documentation. Then the syringe is washed under running water and collected. For this purpose, the tip is inserted into the hole of the cylinder. Immediately before use, the tip smeared with vaseline or any neutral oil. The time of contact of the syringe with the medicinal product should not exceed 30 min. After the procedure, the syringe is washed with hot water and dried.

Technique of douching

Gynecological syringing carried out lying in the bathroom or tucked under the buttocks the ship. The woman lies back and raises her knees. In the syringe gaining 300 ml of treatment solution at room temperature. The eve of the vagina is smeared with vaseline and a Turkey Baster release the air. Then the tip of a syringe gently inserted into the vagina to a depth of 5 cm. damage to the syringe of the vaginal walls can lead to more serious bacterial and fungal infections. The vagina is washed with a gentle stream for 15 min. to Use the syringe carefully, smoothly and easily by pushing the tank because the high pressure can lead to the ingress of fluid into the uterine cavity. After the procedure the woman is advised to lie down for half an hour. The course of treatment - 10 procedures.

For irrigation use of various therapeutic solutions: extracts of herbs, gynecological fees, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, a weak solution of soda, Jorgensen, acidic solution of Apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil.

Indications and contraindications to syringing

The main indications for vaginal douching are: cervical erosion, vaginal candidiasis, chronic urethritis, cystitis, colpitis, adnexitis, endometritis, inflammation of the cervix.

Contraindications to syringing — pregnancy, early postpartum period, menstruation, malignant neoplasms of female genital organs, uterine bleeding, gynecological examination, acute inflammation of the genital organs of a woman, the first 3 weeks after an abortion or miscarriage.