Before you start to treat yeast infection at home in women, it is important to correctly diagnose the disease. Its main feature - the emergence of a cheesy white or greenish discharge from the vagina, accompanied by a sour odor, burning and itching. You may also experience pain during urination and intercourse. If you doubt what disease you actually, it is better to go to the hospital for some tests, e.g., PCR.
If the disease has arisen in you for the first time or appears very rarely, with lightly marked symptoms, you can try to treat thrush at home. A good helping of douching that you need to do every day before going to sleep. Prepare a mixture of teaspoon of calendula oil and two drops of tea tree oil. The prepared composition to the syringe introduced into the vagina.
There is an effective way to treat yeast infection at home in women morning douching infusion of herbs. In the therapeutic solution consists of oak bark, chamomile, sage (one tablespoon) and nettle (three tablespoons). Mix collection and pour two tablespoons liter of boiling water, put to infuse overnight. In the morning strain the infusion and do the douching. You can use a more gentle solution with two tablespoons of calendula and a tablespoon of chamomile.
To cure candidiasis at home will help the funds on the basis of salt, soda and iodine. Boil in a small saucepan liter of water, adding two tablespoons of salt. Cool the solution and mix with a tablespoon of baking soda add 10 drops of iodine and mix well. Douching according to the composition need to do in the morning and evening for five days.
Experts say that to treat yeast infection at home in women with help of natural honey, which is well fights bacteria, germs and inflammation. To carry out the necessary procedures will need store-bought cotton swab or done independently of gauze attached to her rope. The tampon should be dipped in liquid honey, and 30 minutes to enter the vagina. Even one procedure will help to relieve irritation and itching, reduce the amount of fungus.
No less effective in helping to treat thrush at home is low fat yogurt. Tampons, soaked them, should be deeply introduced into the vagina and leave overnight. To enhance the effect, you can make a douching chamomile. The course of treatment lasts not less than seven days.