You will need
  • - flatus tube;
  • - vegetable oil or vaseline.
This sin, unfortunately, many parents, putting their children's health danger. So, how to put the vapor tube to the neonate?First try to use all other methods of alleviating colic baby abdominal massage, gymnastics, putting on her mother's stomach warm diaper and other machinations in the parenting Arsenal.
If all else fails for a long time, use the vapor tube.
It is important to put the vapor tube to the newborn with maximum care, as you may damage a very thin intestine of the child. Possible complication may be injury of the rectum and subsequent bleeding and peritonitis.
Flatus tube should be kept in a separate package and are always boiled. After each use thoroughly flush the tube and hold in boiling water for several minutes.
Well before using lubricate a tube and anus toddler vegetable oil or vaseline.
The child should lie on your back with legs pressed to stomach. Keep in mind, it is better to do this procedure together, it will be much safer.
Enter the tube approximately 5 inches into the anus of the child vkruchivayutsya neat movements. You can not force to push the tubeif you feel resistance, stop and finish the procedure.
Lightly roll the tube inside the intestine, thereby stimulating its work and helping to get the gas that's hurting the baby. Well at this time to do "Bicycle" legs or just to stroke the child's belly. Wait until you get out of Gaza, and the baby won't be easier. Then carefully remove the tube.
Remember that excessive abuse of the vapor tube can be addictive, creating additional problems with the chair, the child in the future.