Drag the vein tourniquet above the elbow 15 cm.
Hang the system. Dropper needs to be above the level of the hands and be placed approximately 1.5 meters from the floor.
The injection site treat alcohol-containing solution.
Insert the needle drip into a vein. You can ask the doctor and he will put a catheter. In this case, remove the needle from the dropper, Unscrew the cap from the catheter and insert system.
Open supply of a drug.
If a solution receives large air bubbles, reduce the flow of drugs.
After the dropper is impossible to get as you may feel dizzy. And after some drugs you need to lie down for at least 30 minutes.
As soon as the medication runs out, turn off the dropper and gently remove the needle.

If you are using the catheter, rinse it with distilled water (sold in pharmacies).

To do this, type in a syringe a few cubes of water, connect the syringe with the catheter and enter the solution into the vein. Then screw the cap to the catheter and attach to the injection site a cotton swab with alcohol.