Like any other medication, vaginal suppositories should be prescribed by a doctor. Therefore, consult a gynecologist and get tested. If need be, the doctor will prescribe you the drug. Should not self-appoint himself anything, not even candles with bifidobacteria. If you self-medicate, you can buy a lot of unnecessary health problems, which is very dangerous.
Buy at the pharmacy, the drug of choice. In some cases it is necessary to hold douching before the introduction of candles. Get a small syringe and grass chamomile or furatsilinom.
Steep a tablespoon of herbs in a Cup of boiling water. The resulting broth make douching for 20-30 minutes before use vaginal candle. To enter the drug immediately is not recommended, as part of the broth may not exit immediately from the vagina. If you have appointed bifidobacteria, contraceptives or medication of moisturizing the vaginal mucous membrane, douche is not necessary.
Wash your hands every time. Take the candle and accurately print. Lie on your back, legs bend at the knees and push the drug into the vagina with the index finger as deep as possible. Lie on your back for about 30 minutes, otherwise the candle can escape and not be absorbed.
Vaginal suppositories use in accordance with the instructions of the gynecologist or go annotation that is attached to the drug. Even if after a short period of time, the candle went out, not introduce new, or possible overdose of the active substance.