Advice 1: As for the residence to find the phone

You want to call the person but do not know his number? At the same time you have the data of the address at which he resides. Able to learn the caller's phone number in this case depends largely on what kind of phone is it stationary or mobile.
As for the residence to find the phone
You will need
  • phone;
  • - access to the Internet.
To know the landline telephone number with address is easy, just contact the city help Desk. This can be done in person or by calling 09 or 009, if you are calling from a cell phone. Data stationary telephone sets are publicly available in telephone directories, so you can easily get the desired information.
Situation is more complicated in that case, if we are talking about the mobile phone number. Mobile network operators provide information about its subscribers only upon request of law enforcement officers, so you get it will be hard enough. Try first to test is available to you online directories – for example, go to "phonebook", which has information on many cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.
Select the desired city, you will see a form where you can search for any known data, including the address of the subscriber. Enter the information and click "Search". If the data is in the database, you will receive you are interested in a phone number.
The more directories you review, the better your chances. Good features does the reference cities of Russia Its disadvantage is the small number of cities, but the information he gives is completely accurate and without any additional conditions.
If you need to find information on Moscow, use the website "Moscow address-telephone reference book". Enter the name and initials of the person you are interested in, in the box you will see addresses and phone numbers. Since the address is known to you, you will easily find the desired phone number. The website requires no registration, operates clearly and quickly than favorably with many services of this kind.
Remember that while finding the information you need you almost certainly will encounter fraudulent sites that promises to send information after you enter into the form on the website your phone number. After the introduction of numbers under one pretext or another will be asked to send an sms message and even not one. Messages will be sent to a premium number, in the end you lose money without receiving any data. So be careful not to fall for tricks fraudsters.

Advice 2: Than registration differs from the registration

In Russia freedom of movement was significantly hampered in the pre-revolutionary period and in the years of the Soviet Union. And only in the early 90-ies of the last century, when the institution of residence permits were replaced with registration, the opportunity to travel freely around the country and abroad.
Than registration differs from the registration

What is the meaning of "registration" and "registration"

Registration is a method of state control of migration, the principle of which is to prohibit the citizens to move freely around the country. In addition, each person is assigned a specific residence, to be able to exercise their right to work, health, education, etc.

Registration activities for the migration of the population, which is carried out to establish the exact number of people living in a certain area, and determining the main ways of their movement. The current legislation provides for two types of registration: temporary (at the place of stay) and permanent (residence). It is carried out by state authorities, led by Federal migration service (FMS).

The difference of registration from the registration

Thus, registration is an obsolete legal institution, whose main purpose was to limit the movement of the citizen. This procedure gave the opportunity to monitor the presence of a person at the place of residence and track any movement. The mere presence without a residence permit in a "foreign" city could entail the responsibility established by law.

Registration is a completely different principle, designed to monitor migration flows and to control them. This institution is still relevant today, despite the fact that earlier there was talk about its cancellation. Registration, unlike registration is of a notifying character. It is believed that it does not restrict the freedom of movement of citizens.

The difference between registration and check-in: insights

Thus, the difference between the registration and the registration is in the following points.

- Relevant. Currently in Russia there is solely register. In 1991 the government decided to cancel the registration due to the large number of restrictions on personal freedom of citizens.

- The basic principle. Earlier the registration was licensing and registration, which is valid now – the notification. This is in some ways is a step forward.

- A residence permit could be unreasonably denied. Then, the citizen had for 7 days to leave town. Now, in order to register, a person must not ask for this permission from a public authority, it only notifies its intention to change the place of residence or stay.
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