Use the electronic directory, "Doublegis", but only with one caveat: its database contains information only at organizations. Go to the web site of the service, then select required town. Before you open the electronic map of the city with the search menu. Enter your phone number in the appropriate field, and then wait for the results. If you are searching for organization, but after this and the previous step you have only its name, use search engine. Enter the name of the company, and then look for the links that posted her contact information, including address.
Please contact the unified help service to Russia – 09 or 009. Keep in mind that the call to the phone number 009 will be paid. Request information for your existing phone. If the information isn't, find out the number of the helpdesk, which is located in the city you want. Call back and try again.
Use possibilities of the portal "public Services". Register. When registering, indicate your name, number, pension certificate, VAT number, mobile number and email address. The activation process is not fully remote – to complete the registration profile, you must enter a special code that you can receive by mail or at the center of sales and service of OJSC "Rostelecom". After completing the registration, contact the Federal Agency of the Ministry of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation.
If additional information, such as name, surname, place of study or work of the person who owns the phone, use Google and other search engines, or search on the social networks.
If you have a suspicion that you committed against illegal actions – threats, attempts at fraud or anything else, contact your lawyer. Make sure you have the right to write a statement, and then contact law enforcement.