Use the services of the helpdesk. In all settlements of Russia to access the service simply dial the number "09" from a landline phone. At the same time, to obtain information about a telephone number of the organization enough to give an exact address. If you want to get information about the landline phone number of a private person but ' will have to give the name and the name of the person who was there.
Use the services of one of the bases placed in the Internet. Keep in mind that in all databases, the information may be incomplete; in addition, it is obsolete. An example of a known database, such as the website or Select from the drop down list the desired city, then fill in the fields with known information. Click "Search". Information on such sites. The service costs about 2 dollars. You can also use the free base type
Buy database store that sells software. The biggest drawback is the rapid obsolescence of information contained in data bases. The database interface is different but intuitive, which facilitates their use. Database is downloadable in the Internet. Take care have an antivirus program before downloading and installing these bases. The new (relevant) information contained in later versions of the reference software. Well, if the database will be able to upgrade.
Try to find information on the Internet, using, for example, one of the popular search engines (Yandex, Google, Yahoo, Bing). Maybe the owner of the phone number when you left the information about it on one of the sites.