You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - ' sites with reference materials.
If you know the surname, name and patronymic of the searched person, it is easiest to contact the reference by phone 09 or 090 (when dialing from a mobile phone). In that case, if a person really lives in this city will tell you his address and phone number.
In the absence of information about a person in an urban referral service try to search for it on databases in the Internet. For example, go to the website his capabilities allow to find a man in many cities of Russia. A good database is available on the website of the "Telephone directory" for many of these cities have the opportunity to name the person know his home address.
Knowing or assuming that the wanted man has a car, try to search in the databases of the traffic police. On the website "Incubus" you can send a request by typing a wanted person in a special form and selecting from the drop-down list the location of his residence. After processing the request you will be issued a search result.
Sometimes you may need to find a person by phone number. In urban help service you can try to get information on home phone number, but the data on mobile phones is not there. In the offices of mobile operators is unlikely to give you the necessary information, but worth a try. Walk around a few offices, you should be able to convincingly explain why you needed to find this person. Find out which mobile carrier owns a particular number, you can online "Phone codes of mobile operators".
To search for a person by phone number use the website 2GIS is one of the best reference services. Available information on more than 150 cities of Russia and Ukraine.
Knowing that people live in this city, try to find out his address in the clinic. Pay a visit to her right after lunch, don't forget to grab a box of chocolates. If wanted man ever appealed to the clinic, you will have the chance to learn at the reception of his address. Don't forget that your story about why you are looking for this man, should sound very convincing and not cause any suspicion.