Causes uvulitis

To cause inflammation in nebnom the tongue with its subsequent swelling can infection of the nasopharynx and larynx with a viral or bacterial origin, sore throat, tonsillitis, abscess dentoalveolar, trauma to the tongue, as well as thermal and chemical burns. In addition, the swelling of the uvula may develop due to allergic or vegetative-vascular reactions, angioneurotic edema, and tumors of ENT-organs (the most common cause uvulitis). Marked by the occurrence of edema and long-term supplementation with high blood pressure (ACE inhibitors).

Inflammation of the uvula usually starts suddenly and rapidly, beginning with a feeling of a "lump in the throat".

Ovulate the main symptoms are difficulty in breathing and swallowing, a speech disorder, retching, shortness of breath and profuse salivation. A uvula can increase to such proportions that it will occupy the entire throat while the patient is threatening asphyxia and even death, whereas a slight increase in tongue of such a threat does not carry. The development of complications depends on the rate of development of clinical symptoms: slow-onset inflammation independently within a few days, same for lightning ovulate can pose a serious threat to the life of the patient.

Treatment uvulitis

Treatment for inflammation of the uvula is primarily associated with urgent events, whose main aim is the reduction of edema and intensity of the inflammatory process. In the medical therapy includes antihistamines, corticosteroids and decongestants, and diuretics. In the absence of results and the development of dyspnea the patient undergoes intensive intervention that allows you to restore the lumen of the airway, or tracheostomy, which, however, required very rarely.

Most inflammation of the uvula occurs as a result of local inflammation of the ENT organs.

In the appointment of treatment ovulate first need to determine the reason for its development – so, if the injury is sufficient hygienic procedures and careful maintenance of the oral cavity. In the presence of bacterial and viral infections is antibacterial and antiviral therapy and irrigation of the throat with a special spray. Angioneurotic edema treated with acupuncture, hypnosis and physiotherapy, and purulent abscesses opened and cleaned surgically.