Causes of laryngeal edema

Distinguish between inflammatory and non-inflammatory nature of the process. In the first case it emerges as a state that accompanies the disease laryngeal angina, phlegmonous laryngitis, abscess of the epiglottis, abscess in region of root of tongue, damage to the cervical spine, pharynx or oral cavity.

Not inflammatory in nature edema of the larynx causes the condition, triggered by diseases of the cardiovascular system or kidneys can be a reaction to other medications or food. Also, diseases such as poor circulation in the larynx, due to a kinked veins and lymphatic vessels, or liver cirrhosis can lead to the emergence of such pathological conditions.

In young children edema of the larynx may provoke eating too hot food or any mechanical failure foreign body, and surgery.

First aid if laryngeal edema

The appearance of the early signs of laryngeal edema should immediately call an ambulance, otherwise, the patient suffocates. While waiting for the specialist you need to take the following measures:
- remove clothes, making breathing difficult victim (to unbutton the collar, loosen the tie or take off the scarf);
- block the effects of the allergen, if the swelling triggered due to it (stop taking food, medication, insect sting);
- immerse the feet or hands of the patient in hot water (39 – 40oC);
- sprinkle the larynx of the victim 0.1% solution of epinephrine hydrochloride;
- drip in a nose any vasoconstrictive drops;
- if possible, be administered intramuscularly antihistamines (Diphenhydramine", "Suprastin", "Pipolfen" or "Tavegil").

If laryngeal edema triggered by any injection or insect bite in the arm or leg, to above the point of entry of the allergen tourniquet.

Treatment of laryngeal edema is mainly aimed at addressing the underlying disease or exposure to allergen. Inflammatory nature of the process is carried out opening the abscess and prescribe the conduct of anti-inflammatory therapy. If the allergic process orientation, prescribed a course of special antihistamines or corticosteroids.