At the first signs of swelling of the throat , call the medical team. As a rule, the patient's condition deteriorates rapidly, he could feel the hoarseness and shortness of breath. The person experiencing these feelings, he starts to panic, so these symptoms may be added the differences in blood pressure, jitters and increase in temperature.
If possible, avoid contact with the allergen. If the reaction occurred to an insect sting (wasp, bee, etc.), remove a stinger. If the cause of the swelling throat was intravenous or intramuscular injection of the medicinal product, immediately discontinue administration.
Make an injection of antihistamine, such as "Suprastin". In the absence of drugs in the vials give the patient the drug in the form of tablets or drops. For babies is preferable to "Core", children older than one year will be "Fenkarol" or "claritin". Adults can take "Zyrtec" or any other tool that you assigned earlier to the allergist (assuming that this is not the first attack of angioedema, and the patient was consulted by a specialist).
Ensure access of fresh air. Open a window, unbutton the top button of a shirt, loosen the tie, remove the belt. Drip nose drops with vasoconstrictor action.
Make the patient a cold compress on the neck area, allow to suck a piece of ice. The cold will reduce some of the swelling and allow the patient to hold out until the arrival of specialists.
If swelling of the throat occurred not for the first time, certainly in your home medicine Cabinet is a hormones. Make the patient an injection of prednisone.
Consult with an allergist after an attack is stoped. The specialist will give recommendations on how to prevent the recurrence of swelling of the throat.