Advice 1: How to treat inflammation of the upper palate

The upper sky – a kind of arch of the mouth. It gradually passes into the larynx and consists of two sections. The first is a soft palate located in the back near the tonsils. The second Department is the hard palate, which is at the front. Inflammation of the palate causes a lot of anxiety and discomfort.
How to treat inflammation of the upper palate

The main problems

The most common pathology of inflammation is cleft palate, which occurs as a result of malformations. Such violations are mostly characterized by lack of fusion between the natural muscular formation of the soft palate or between processes on the upper jaw. The treatment of this disease must take place exclusively by surgery.

It is worth noting that today is actively practiced method uranoplasty, which aims at closure of the lumen appeared crevices, using Muco-nadkostnitse shreds. In addition, you can apply a special prosthesis, if for some reason surgery is contraindicated.

The cause of the inflammation

Inflammation of the upper palate can be caused by mechanical damage such as scratches or cuts. People with similar traumas can obtain it by chewing the solid food. The result is mucosal damage may start the inflammatory process.

Pain in the upper palate may be caused by pulpitis-like symptom also appears when caries or osteomyelitis. In this case, the patient feels pain and discomfort when consuming hot and cold food during chewing.

Often the discomfort of this kind appear in the result of inflammatory processes in one of the nerves (the cranial, the sympathetic or the Trinity) or in the tonsils. Pain in the upper sky are also the result of disorders of the temporomandibular joint. They appear as a result of opening the gums, or after elimination of the nerves inside the tooth.

Inflammation of the upper palate may occur on the background of lesions of the mucosa of the mouth. Such unpleasant symptoms often causes stomatitis, which manifests itself with white sores.

Treatment of inflammation of the upper palate

To begin to eliminate the real cause that caused the inflammation. Specialists recommend rinsing different compositions, if there was mechanical damage. This will perfectly suit a decoction of chamomile or sage. You can also use the iodine-saline solution or tincture of propolis. In addition, allowed the use of drugs local action, for example, stomatofit or rotokan.

Caries and pulpitis should be treated exclusively by a qualified dentist. In this case, you should not postpone the visit to a specialist. Remember: prompt treatment will help cure the inflammation in the short term.

Advice 2 : How to treat inflammation of the joint

The main clinical symptoms of joint inflammation are pain in the joint, aggravated by movement, limitation of its mobility, shape change, swelling and swelling. In acute process of the skin over the joint becomes red, the patients get a fever (increased temperature). Causes of arthritis: infections, trauma, metabolic disorders, allergies, diseases of the nervous system, vitamin deficiencies, and others.
How to treat inflammation of the joint
Inflammation of joints of various etiology are called arthritis. Allocate monoartrit (the affected one joint) and arthritis (multiple joints affected). Inflammation of joints can occur in acute or chronic form. In chronic arthritis patients complain of feelings of stiffness in the joint, and pain that intensifies during movement.
In acute arthritis, or the aggravation of chronic pain syndrome is growing in the region of the joint appears swelling, the skin over the joint is hyperemic and hot to the touch. It is urgent to consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. If the inflammation of the joint is not treated, it can lead to irreversible changes and then require surgery to restore his mobility. The types of arthritis according to the etiological causes: rheumatoid arthritis, infectious arthritis and gout. Each of them has its own characteristic clinical picture, peculiarities of course and treatment.
Unfortunately, to date, there are no radical methods of treatment of arthritis, but the clinical symptoms of inflammation can be significantly reduced and thus to suspend the development process. To modern medicinal drugs used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis include: anti-inflammatory (corticosteroid hormones and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and anti-rheumatic drugs (gold salts). Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs include: salicylates (aspirin) and disalicylate (Nurofen, bonifer).
To choose the correct treatment regimen with all the features of the disease (activity of the process, stage of development etc.), as well as the presence of comorbidities capable qualified personnel only. In addition to the course of drug therapy by the podiatrist for You individually to develop a program of physical exercises that you will perform independently or under the supervision of a doctor in physical therapy.
When the penetration into the cavity of the joint by a variety of pathogenic bacteria can develop infectious arthritis. This type of arthritis requires urgent and immediate treatment, as it no therapy can lead to complete destruction of joint tissues and the development of sepsis, cellulitis and osteomyelitis. Therapy are appointed Antibacterials with broad spectrum of action, necessarily performed immobilization of the joint. May be required and surgery: an autopsy and drainage cavity of the joint. The treatment is performed in a hospital, the patient is discharged to outpatient aftercare, appointed physiotherapy, vitamin therapy, shown Spa treatment in remission.
If You want to learn how to treat inflammation of the joints, first of all, you should understand what You form of this disease. Because what is the cure for inflammation of the joints choose will depend on Your type of the disease. Inflammation of the leg joints. It should be noted that in our time it is impossible clearly to identify the age category of people most severely affected by the disease.
Useful advice
On the one hand, intermittent fasting has beneficial effects on inflamed joints. This is due to the adjustment of the immune system that suppress inflammation. from barley flour, the grated quince and cider vinegar to make a medicinal paste and bind to the affected area. This patch prevents the swelling of the joints, helps with gout. Than to treat the joints? Take 100 g of leaves of hazel (of hazel) and pour 3 cups of rubbing alcohol.

Advice 3 : How to treat inflammation of the tonsils

Enlarged tonsils, redness, severe pain in the throat, say that you started tonsillitis, acute inflammation of the Palatine tonsils. Often the disease is accompanied by high fever and General weakness. With persistent inflammation, the disease becomes chronic. How to deal with tonsillitis?
How to treat inflammation of the tonsils
You will need
  • - decoctions of sage, chamomile, calendula;
  • - juice of raw carrots;
  • - a solution of dimephosphone.
At constant inflammation consult your doctor. Maybe for you it will be easier to get rid of the problem surgically. But this will only happen when there is a risk of complications. The operation is easy. But it requires a long recovery period.

Often resort to conservative methods of treatment. There are four method. This treatment of the tonsils, irrigation, laser irradiation, and ultrasound therapy using the solution of dimephosphone and nasal breathing exercises. For rinsing the throat use decoctions of sage, chamomile, calendula.
Drink drug "Imudon", "Ribomunyl", "Bronchomunal". They contribute to the development of specific antibodies that facilitate the disease and, thereby, enhance the immune system. For these purposes, use homeopathic remedies. At the beginning of the disease try to dribble into the nasal passages juice of raw carrots. Enough to do it 4-5 times throughout the day, using 5-6 drops for each nostril. Can drink carrot juice a quarter Cup a day.
Do breathing exercises. It is simple and consists of only two exercises.
First clear the nasal passages of mucus. To do this you need 10 times to blow my nose through each nostril and then 10 times with both at the same time.
Then close your finger to one nostril and take a deep breath through the other. Hold for one second breath and exhale the air through first. While exhaling, close your second finger. Repeat this exercise 10 times for each nasal passage. To carry out the exercises you need at least 8-12 times a day for three months. This will help you to learn how to breathe through the nose and reduce the possibility of inflammation of the tonsils.
For the treatment of tonsillitis apply ultrasound or laser. The low ultrasound frequencies allows you to clean the tonsils of pus and speeds up healing of the surface. Has a bactericidal effect. The procedure is painless and carried out according to doctor's recommendation.
Guide the laser lacunacoil. This cauterization of the infected gaps on the surface of the tonsils. The operation is performed quickly and has high efficiency.
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