If the throat hit a foreign body, edema may develop rapidly. Asphyxiation occurs, the victim is unable to speak. Call an Ambulance, but before its arrival, try to help yourself. To do this, stand behind the victim, grasp it with both hands and sharply push down with your fists just above your belly button.
On the background of infectious diseases edema develops acutely and is accompanied by a sore throat, foreign body sensation, change in voice. In severe cases develop stenosis, which can lead to suffocation. To remove severe swelling of the throat is possible only in a hospital, it is therefore necessary to monitor the patient's condition, not to miss the threatening symptoms. Before admission, try to alleviate the patient's condition: apply an ice pack to my throat allow it to swallow pieces of ice, take a hot foot bath or apply the mustard as a distraction therapy.
Throat swelling, which develops as an allergic reaction called angioedema. Its typical symptoms are: swelling of the face, back of the hand and feet, throat. The skin on areas of edema pale. If edema extends to the larynx and trachea perhaps choking, threatening the life of the patient. There is a need to identify the allergen and remove it from the patient. Before the arrival of the brigade "first aid" you can try to remove the swelling of the throat yourself: enter intramuscularly or intravenously, any drug antihistamines - suprastin, diphenhydramine, claritin. If there is no possibility to inject, place tablet under the tongue.
If laryngeal edema was the result of a chemical burn, you have to clean the throat of the victim with clean water or solution, neutralizing the action of chemical substances. For example, if the cause of the burn has become acetic acid, the throat should be rinsed with a solution of soda. And, as with any laryngeal edema, need urgent hospitalization of the patient.