First, the most banal case. Imagine the following situation: there is provider, which in addition Internet connection provides access to the city network, where all clients of a provider in this city. But suddenly the connection between the client computers disappeared (only local network, not Internet). In this case there is only one to call the tech support of your ISP and everything to find out.
The second is the verification of the physical connection. View, is the network cable plugged to your computer. Also worth checking out the contact between the network cable and connector, it is possible that during the installation of the network was nedorim connection. Also it could be broken wires in the cable. To verify that the network cable, you need to use a special device – the LAN tester.
3. One of the most simple but effective methods: click on "start", open "control Panel", locate and open the "Network connections". Before proceeding, ensure the following:
- make sure your modem is turned on
- make sure that the modem is in working condition, which can be determined according to the indicator lights on the modem (what they mean, read the user manual of your modem)
- verify that all physical connections are in working condition
Next, find the desired network connection via LAN and click the right mouse button. The following menu appears, in it select "Fix" and click on it with the left mouse button. Start the process of correcting failure of a network connection. When the process completes, the program will notify you of the corrected network or not.
for all actions, you must be an administrator, operator networks or belong to the power users group
for faulty physical connections this command is not available
If the previous steps fail, check your network card on another computer, or insert it into another connector on the motherboard.Data four methods of recovery the local network are basic and should help in almost all cases.