You will need
  • Personal computer, the Devcon
Go to "start" and then "control Panel". Select "Administration". Click "computer Management" and "device Manager" and then "Network adapters". Here already in the properties, select this box "do not use This device". To disconnect from the local network as follows. Go to computer in the start menu. Select a section called "control Panel". Among all icons, click "Network connection". You will see a window where you will see an icon "Connection on a local network". If it says "Connected", you can disable. To perform this operation, the icon click with the right mouse button. A window will open where you select "Disable".
If there was a need to disconnect the computer from the local network, you can do the following. Clicking on the "start" mouse, and select the following sections: "control Panel", then "Network and Internet", then "Center network and sharing", and "Manage network connections". Then right-click on the network you need to disable. Then you can do one of the following. If the connection is wireless, then click on the tab "Disable".
Can try to use the program "Dial-a-fix". Download it online and install it on your computer. Open and get to work. Find the option "SSL/HTTPS/Cryptography". In it, tick this box and then click "Go". If all else fails, or you cannot perform any action, simply pull out the cable connection to the Internet.
Everything can be done via command line. Download a utility such as "Devcon". Go to the tab "device Manager" via "start". We'll see Details of a network card". For example, there may be written "PCIVEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_E0001458&REV_014&CF4E44&0&00E5". Copy or remember this information only to the icon of &, that is "PCIVEN_10EC". Open a command prompt and paste there, for example, "devcon.exe disable PCIVEN_10EC"( in your case see for yourself what to insert). The local network will be disabled.