You will need
  • speakers to the computer.
First check the physical parameters of the computer. If you have connected the speakers to the computer, check that all cables are snug to the Board. Try playing the music through the player, or start another game to test the sound. If all goes well, then it's not the speakers. Otherwise you will have to buy new speakers or repair the old one. Typically, the standard speakers for the personal computer are not expensive about 300 rubles, so it is better to buy a new one.
Next you need to check the system settings of the game and operating system of your computer. Check the limitations that are installed on the computer. Go to "control Panel" of your computer and find the tab "Sound". Check that all the parameters were included, so the sound can simply be turned off in the system. If all goes well, the case in the game. Often game settings set really low, or even off so that you can't hear anything in the game. Go to the game. Then click "Options" or "Settings". In each game, such tabs may have different names.
Look for a tab called "Sound" or "audio Settings". Place the cursor at the mean value for all parameters. As a rule, the game sound can be configured according to parameters such as "the game", "Music", "effects Volume", "master volume" and more. Once the parameters are configured, save all changes. Exit the game and start it again. Check whether there is sound now in the game. If the sound came, so the cause is completely eliminated. If the sound is still there, so you just have a pirated copy of the game, which is often not missing any files.