You will need
  • - cell phone with Internet access;
  • computer.
Mobile versions of sites and e-mail allow you to always be abreast of the latest developments and new messages. Also with the help of your phone, you can exchange e-mails, view photos, send instant messages.
Log in email from the phone in different ways. For example, to install a mail client of its service. If your email is "Yandex", connect the phone Internet and go to that will need to type in the address bar of the phone. Wait until the service will determine the model of your phone and will offer a link to download the application. Follow the link and download the program.
If you haven't mastered on my phone browsing and opening Internet pages is enough to follow the address and load the program.
Type in the address bar the following combination, then select located at the bottom of the page the "Mobile version". Follow the link and enter in the appropriate fields username and password by email. Go to mail and then save a bookmark to the open page.
If you are comfortable working with computer, go to the page to select the model of your phone, click "Download application" and save the program to your computer. After that, you will just throw the app in the phone.
Another option for loading applications is also possible using a PC. Connect the computer to the Internet and type in the browser address bar Then follow these steps. To start, you need to enter your phone number in a special field. This is necessary in order to on the mobile was delivered the link to download the program. Then you only need to pass it from phone and download the app. With good speed on the download and installation will take no more than five minutes.
Such mobile apps are available on other mail services. If desired, you can install them the same way. Or go with the phone the mobile version of the mail service, after typing in the beginning of the address letter m. For "Yandex" – for –, use email to Gmail – dial on "Rambler" – So to complete the task will be even easier.