To get rid of pesky calls for subscribers of cellular networks there is a service "Black list". Just need to make a phone number to the blacklist and calls from him just does not reach the subscriber. In blacklist, you can enter not only mobile, but also local, long distance and international numbers. That is, if you call a subscriber whose telephone number is listed in the "Black list", the caller will not be able to contact you and hear a message about the incorrect call.
But what if you accidentally blacklisted the number of the desired subscriber? To remove a contact from blacklist Samsung phone go to the main menu, open settings, then applications, calls, all calls, blacklist.
Here you will see all the numbers that you once brought here. Uncheck the desired number. The sequence of steps may vary depending on modifications to the phone.
To remove a subscriber from the blacklist on the touch phone, view call log. Next, press and hold the number you want to remove from the black list. Review the list of suggested actions that you can do with the selected number.
Choose "remove from blacklist". A notification will appear that the room was successfully deleted. Also on the website of your operator, you can easily add or delete rooms, view, included in the "Black list" of numbers, to connect or disconnect the service.
Be careful when working with your phone's apps. Avoid mistakes to further avoid missing important call. Carefully review information about the services, because all the apps are intended to help you, not put them in a stalemate.