Symptoms of the disease, which is characterized by vesicles in the throat

The bubbles in the throat is one of the symptoms of herpes sore throat, the highest probability of development of which falls in autumn-summer season. To be sure that this expression refers specifically to the disease, should be aware of the related symptoms that will help you choose the right direction in treatment.


• the first stage of sore throat and slight fever;
• the manifestation of pain in the larynx;
• inability to swallow, the high temperature at the stage of the disease;
• swollen lymph nodes behind ear, neck and lower angle of the neck;
• the appearance of a round rash blood-bubbles, the location of which may be based on a back wall of the larynx, the tonsils, palate and even the tongue;
• under certain conditions there is suppuration and rupture of these bubbles;
• redness of the larynx and mouth;
• babies up to three years in colic, food refusal, crying and General fatigue.

What to do if symptoms appear

The approach to the treatment of bubbles in the throat is very similar to the treatment of ordinary sore throat, therefore, initially you should pay attention to the elimination of primary causes of disease. These include a weakening of the body due to a decrease in the immune system and by direct contact with infection.

Effects in the treatment of herpes sore throat:

• access to a doctor, especially in the case of the child;
• in case of bacterial infection doctors prescribe antibiotics;
• you can choose immunomodulators and vitamins that support the body during illness;
• a homemade gargle with the use of special mixtures or herbs, particularly chamomile, calendula and eucalyptus;
• in case of high temperatures the use of antipyretics;
• may prescription antiviral drugs;
• the mandatory application of local antiseptics and antihistamines;
• avoid too solid, hot and spicy foods – they can aggravate the condition.

That in no case can not be done in the treatment of bubbles in the throat

1. Do not use local antiseptics Doctor or Bioparoks, as they can worsen herpes sore throat because of the content of iodine. This substance provokes the burn of the mucosa and may cause formation of painful ulcers on it.

2. Do not use inhalations or compresses to treat bubbles in my throat, as heat exposure can provoke an active propagation and dissemination of bacterial infections and worsen the disease.