The best way to get into a football club to start playing in a specialized school. These are each team. There, a young player will quickly develop, and if a player will demonstrate a clear talent, it is sure to be looking out for his team coach.
Try to communicate directly with the heads of football clubs. Absolutely all teams are constantly seeking beginners. Talk to coaches by phone or send him an email request. Think ahead about what you want to tell about yourself.
To enroll in a football club with. If you are not able to show the scouts your favorite team your skills in person, clear your game on camera and then send the records to members of the team for which you want to play. If you have talent, you will always be invited for the interview.
Keep the level of the physical preparation to get into a football club. Insufficient training reduce feelings of confidence in their own forces in important day, such as when you finally get to select the game. And this will affect the overall impression of scouts and coaches about you.
Be aware of events happening in the world of football, if you want to become part of the football team. Good players are always aware of the most recent football news. Maybe you can read something special about what the coach is looking for in new teammates or modern training techniques.