Find like-minded people also passionate about football. They can act as players, coaches and assistants, organizers of the competition. Naturally, all of you will work on a voluntary basis. The right people can be found in the Internet, e.g. through thematic forums.
Assign roles in the future of the club. Find a place for regular workouts. It can be a backyard Playground or a sports hall. Provide regular classes – depends on your sporting success.
Forming a team, come up with a name for the new club. It should be sonorous and beautiful. Include the name of the club abbreviations FC (football club), DFK (Amateur football club), and the like. Consider the team logo, its motto, and, of course, form. For a start it can be simple, and in the future you might think about ordering sets of numbers, logos and names of the players.
Look for a contest in which you could participate. Choose not too tier tournament that matches your capabilities. It is best to start in your own town – time for away meets will come later. Choose the free tournament. If your performance will be successful, in the future managers of the competitions themselves will contact you with suggestions.
Organize member dues. They need to update forms, lease of transport for trips to competitions and other costs. The contribution should not exceed the capabilities of your players. In the future you can attract a sponsor, then most of the costs will fall on him. The more victories will be won by the team, the higher the chances to find a good sponsor for her.
Create your own website. There you can post information about the club and the players, schedule, news from the world of football and other useful information. Will not prevent friendly relations with journalists and photographers depend on them for quality content to your site.