Advice 1: What to do when so bad that I want to hang myself

Wanting to die can occur for various reasons, but almost always it is accompanied by depression, lack of confidence in their own strength, despair, etc. to Help yourself get out of this state and once again feel the beauty of life is quite real, you just want to do it.
What to do when so bad that I want to hang myself

The causes of depression and suicidal intentions

Modern life requires from person's ability to adapt, to survive, to engage in active communication, to quickly find the right way out of the situation, etc. To this list are added the numerous daily stress, feeling of social insecurity, helplessness, disbelief in own forces are characteristic of many people of the XXI century.

Daily becoming the subject of numerous direct and indirect effects from the terrible requirements of the chief appeals of annoying advertisements coming from a variety of media, the modern man is constantly experiencing nervous tension. Comparing yourself with friends and acquaintances, are often more strong, successful and resilient to stress, many people fall into this depression.

In addition, psychological wellbeing plays an important role and political and economic instability. A lot of negative events happening around us – war, violence, looting, constant challenges and worries - systematically affect people, poisoning their lives.

Not every person is capable of without damage to their own psyche to withstand all the hardships of the test. Especially hard in this situation, you have people with weak nervous systems are easily panicked and different fears. In such a situation, an unpleasant event may be the last straw that leads a person to such a state, when lost all desire to live.

Ways of dealing with depression

To fight depression you need to deal with your inner fears, complexes and worries and to establish work and recreation. From the struggle for a healthy lifestyle, give up self-pity and replace it with feelings of love. You have to love yourself, and not for something, but just because you are a man and have the right to that feeling.

Stop concentrating your attention on all the bad things in your life and the world in General. Nobody is arguing that life is difficult, but the obstacles and trials come to you in order for you to become stronger and wiser. Remember that sooner or later, any situation is, there are only memories about her. At least for a moment feel yourself a master of your own destiny, stop being a victim of circumstances.

Learn to recognize your own mistakes, but not dwell on them. Remember that mistakes allow all people, even the most famous and successful. After drawing conclusions, go to the goal.

Set realistic goals, achieving them by small steps. Rejoice each little success, closer to your goals. Remember that all money will not earn, and wealth is not the most important place in human life. Don't forget relaxation. Often walk in the fresh air, ensure that your diet was balanced, give up bad habits if you have them.

Physical activity is another proven way to fight depression. If you are very bad, turn on cheerful music and just jump, follow these exercises. Your brain will start to actively produce endorphins – hormones of happiness, and you will be happier. If you experience strong feelings of anger at everyone and everything, try to engage in such sports as Boxing or karate, you will direct your aggression in a useful direction and get rid of destructive emotions.

Not to withdraw into themselves, communicate with friends, with family and friends, make new acquaintances – for example, sign up for any courses or going to the gym, find a interesting hobby. Develop a positive mindset, give up hits news blocks, if they annoy you, do not read criminal reports of incidents that do not try on the various negative situations for themselves.

If you want to discuss with someone your concerns, but with you not understanding you, consult an experienced psychologist. It will help you to find the way back to normal, bright and full of the joys of life.

Advice 2: How to live when you do not want

You are tired of living, everything goes wrong and the existence seems meaningless? In this situation you must change your life, and if it fails, then change the attitude.
How to live when you do not want
Person at least once is in situations where it does not work, conceived fails to realize, the problems multiply each other and it seems that failure has no end. In these moments, some are beginning to fight for happiness and the other feeling sorry for myself and to justify their own failures the imperfection of the world.


Remember, as an axiom, repeat regularly one short sentence: all problems can be solved! Any situation can be analyzed. What's stopping you who's to blame and how to avoid or remove barriers preventing the implementation of desires? Failure at work? Level up your knowledge, change fields of activities.

Problems in your personal life? If you can't find a soul mate – change your social circle, stay in areas. Positive attitude and belief in yourself will lead to the desired result.

Betrayed by the closest person? Gather up all your courage together and get rid of its society. Love needs to move to Excel, not to be a cause of depression and self-flagellation.

A disease caught by surprise, and you feel no strength to fight? Play with the ailment in the game. Try all the ways to be cured, watch a sports game Paralympians and believe that you too have the power of the spirit.

How to stay positive?

You sit in an empty room, bored, nothing pleases and nothing you want? Try to have a little fun, thus removing unnecessary thoughts. Make a list of desires, even the most improbable and impossible of execution. Analyze what needs to be done to implement them. Fantasize on this topic. Read books or watch movies about how people have achieved what you are still only dream of. You will definitely want to prove to yourself that you are not worse.

Go to the Playground and watch the children play, laugh, communicate. Remember yourself in childhood, all the joys and dreams of those years. Pull out that little baby that sits in each of us. Remember how excited and happy you explored the world. You will be ashamed of what you allowed circumstances to make you dull, boring, pessimistic.

Believe me, everything is in your hands. No one will make your life better except you. Find like-minded people, generate ideas and bring them to life, not paying attention to the small troubles. The black strip will end and the faster you pick yourself up and begin to act, the sooner will come a new and happy period of your life.
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