The victim syndrome is rooted in the childhood of man. And suffer from it in equal terms by both men and women. The reason may be that nedolyublennosti when children feel parents do not need were a second or third child after a brother or sister, who almost did not get special benefits. Because of this, from childhood, they formed a sense of their own inferiority and there is a belief that they are not worthy of something bigger. And this idea is so firmly seated in their subconscious, that it seems that life itself offers them constantly situations which are played not in favor of "victims".

For the victim syndrome is characterized by the indifference of the person to what is happening in his life. He simply resigns himself to the fact that it abandon loved ones people, friends only use it, when they need at work are not respected.

Often "victims" described as dull and boring people, not stand out from the crowd, talking quietly, with no severe gestures and izvinyaysya even in situations when the right they. Their failure to stand up for himself and becomes the reason for the use of the "victims" of other people for their own purposes.

To blame the parents and assume that they messed up life for the victim is very peculiar. Moreover, in most cases, people suffering from this syndrome, are satisfied. It does not need to work on myself to fix everything.

If you are tired all the time to be a whipping boy, and you have decided to start a new life in which there would be no victim syndrome have to take will in a fist.

First look to yourself and note your progress. Be sure to record them all in a notebook. Rebuked in a letter thoughts look more monumental and also you will be able to more clearly evaluate all been able to achieve. Be sure to track all of your existing positive traits. But don't focus on the negative – it destroys and you're already strongly castigated himself a consciousness of their own insignificance.

Include in your daily schedule, and auditory training. Be sure to tell yourself daily that you are a great person who deserves all the best, and your opinion should be considered.

Further the most difficult – learn to refuse in situations when you don't want to do something, and you are under pressure. It is difficult, but possible. Remember that the first time people will wonder because they've learned that you trouble-free, and the breaking of stereotypes is a rather complex process. So you can start to practice on unfamiliar people. For example, colleagues from the Department with whom you meet rarely, and from them in your work, nothing changes.

Experts say that it is enough for 15-20 days to implement such recommendations, to the consciousness of the victim began to change. Of course, at the end of this period should not throw practice. And pretty soon you will feel like your behavior is changing, the sacrifice goes away, you start to communicate with people on equal terms.

If by yourself get rid of the victim syndrome does not come out, consult a doctor. So, the reasons lie deeper and to get to them only by a professional.