Whatever happens, try not to think about that the situation is hopeless. You should try to calm down and summon all your strength to forget about the problem at least for a day. Perhaps you should just try to sleep, throwing all my thoughts. Who knows, maybe in the morning your frustration will ease off and you can still find a good solution.
If you have lost faith in the future, I see no sense in those things that previously seemed simple and straightforward, it is not necessary to get confused in the maze of his thoughts and lie, staring dully at the ceiling. Try to refer to professionals – psychologists or psychotherapists who will listen to you and, most likely, will be able to apply some sensible thoughts to overcome the mental crisis, as every situation is better seen from the side.
It is possible that you will be able to help people from your environment who you are dear – your loved ones or friends. Think about who might listen to you without criticism and all sorts of tips, just being next to you. Perhaps someone is also experiencing this.
No matter how hard, try to move and not to stop their normal daily activities. What you love to do, you too can help. Just don't do something complex and through power. Some people helps to forget heavy physical work, and some get distracted from unwanted thoughts by using shopping. Many religious people turn to God. Think that could well act for you?
Perhaps you had a similar situation. If so, remember how you then managed to get out of depression. Think about how you can further avoid the negative symptoms, how to protect yourself from trouble. Remember that your psyche should be protected.
Learn not to ignore the various insulting words and not so hard to respond to the lack of support, work or money. Should not always expect only bad, because it will not give you hope for overcoming the crisis. Don't program yourself for the worst.
You criticize yourself and blame for what happened? You may have made a mistake, even a lot of mistakes. But in any case, never think bad about yourself. Everything that happens to you is your experience. Turn the page today. Tomorrow, it's not. But you are, so love yourself and learn to respect.