Symptoms of mental illness

Symptoms of mental illness can appear after acute stress, prolonged intake of alcoholic drinks, narcotic or psychotropic substances. Each person signs of reactive psychosis or mental illness may be different. But almost all begin to behave inappropriately.

The man who has gone mad, you can scream, tear their hair, clothes, singing, dancing in places not designated for this purpose, adequately to answer simple questions, to say that he sees non-existent objects, and hears annoying voices. Other patients may need a long time to lie, not giving signs of life, do not respond to questions and stimuli.

How to behave with a mentally ill person

First and foremost, call 03, call the ambulance. Before the arrival of qualified specialists try not to be in dispute with a crazy person not to Express their point of view, not play along, don't try to convince the patient that all his statements are delusional. Do not allow familiarity or rudeness. Keep the conversation on neutral topics. If the home kit is sedatives: Valerian, motherwort, Corvalol, persuade the patient to take the medicine.

Get out of sight of sharp, piercing and cutting items, heavy statues and all that, one way or another, can bring harm to the patient and others. Keep calm, do not lose vigilance, do not leave the room where the mentally ill person.

The arrival of the ambulance clearly and explicitly explain to the doctor, when did the inappropriate behavior and what it is expressed.