Reason of insanity

Insanity is a severe mental disorder in which people have distorted perception of reality. It is believed that this disease is caused by a violation of the unity of the human body and soul.

According to experts, the main cause of mental illness lies in the inability to repair and acceptance of reality when it ceases to be built in the head stereotypes. This situation often occurs after severe stress, when a person loses something very important to him: family, friends, job, big money, house.

As a result of strong negative emotions, the nervous system gradually loses its stability and flexibility, which leads to serious violations in its work. Often the process as it is compressed in time, resulting in a man losing his mind in an instant. The complexity of this process is that it is individual – it is impossible to predict the impact of severe stress on a person. Some can lose all close relatives, and still remain sane, others lose their jobs and go crazy.
Mental illness can manifest itself in different ways. Strong-willed and temperamental people with mental illness often become aggressive and more calm and passive can withdraw into themselves and their experiences.

The factors causing the madness

It is believed that the risk in the first place are the children of mentally ill people. Often the situation may worsen due to the adoption of drugs or alcohol, because these substances contribute to the destruction of the human nervous system. People under stress try to forget about actually using these substances, not realizing that thus they will not be able to regain peace of mind and keep a clear mind.
Threat to mental health and various anti-depressants, if taken for too long without control of the doctor.

Sometimes madness is the result of any brain injury. Then there is the wrong interpretation of the fragments send in the broken part of the brain senses. From here often have visual or auditory hallucinations.

How not to go crazy

With a strong stress to keep your sanity, it is important to seek help from a qualified psychologist. He will be able to correctly understand the situation and help you get out of it with the least risk to your nervous system.

In addition, experts advise in a difficult situation to imagine life as a huge pie, each slice of which means something important to you. The more such components, the better. Losing one of them, you can clearly see that in your life there are still many things worth living.