What is money really

Money in the coarsest view is the paper coated with the denomination. If a few centuries ago, the money had some value, for example, was gold or silver coins, now in most cases they are virtual. In fact, money is not even tangible assets, it is the energy of material well-being of a person. Without this energy person in our society are very hard, because the whole system is built solely on money power.

How to get cash energy

There are four ways to obtain money energy: to steal or borrow, to find, to endow, to earn. Let us examine each method.

  1. To steal or borrow. If you are stealing money from others, for it always comes the reckoning. Even if you manage to avoid the criminal code, you still have to pay all of without a trace and with great interest. With the money borrowed, is exactly the same thing, even if you take them from loved ones. When you take a loan, you spend energy, which you have not yet. When it comes time to repay, you give now your energy again ... not to be missed. It should be noted that to lend too should not. If you really want to help people, better give the amount that you can spare to give.
  2. To find the money. All the money that you found or won't bring you gain. The money also will soon be gone from your life, the way you came.
  3. Can receive donations. Money you can get a gift from the man. With that kind of money you can do whatever you want. However, in this situation, the donor himself should wish to give you a gift, that is their own.
  4. Earn. The most common, but the most effective way is earnings. Man spends his physical and mental energy, and then to fill its monetary energy, and it subsequently changes to the material energy (food, water), which, in turn, gives strength to compensate for physical and mental energy. So there is a "circulation of energy". The paradox is that if you do not attach any effort, then the money might just pass you by. And how to earn everyone's business. You can only say one thing, the better results you will achieve when the work will be part of your meaning of life.

How to make a desire for getting money

It happens that for some reasons people can't work or was in a difficult life situation. Perhaps the person works, but can not afford to purchase the desired thing, since all his earnings are painted to cents. In this case, will help preparation the desire to get money. Here there are a number of special rules, which clearly should adhere, namely:

  1. You need to clearly define what specifically you need one or the other amount. You have to understand that if you, for example, want to get a hundred thousand a hundred needs, it turns out that you have a hundred desires are certainly not fulfilled.
  2. The amount should not be exorbitant. It is not necessary to make the amount in which your brain refuses to believe. If you make too large sum of money, for example, a million, on a subconscious level you believe that you will get the sum automatically, nothing will come true. Start with small desires.
  3. You have to determine the most comfortable time for obtaining this amount, but such that you would have yourself believe.
  4. Visualize getting money as you get them, how to spend. You can spend any ritual with candles or go into the forest all you like. It all works, the main thing to believe.
  5. The sum necessary to spend it on something that you originally requested, is very important.