Follow the regime. Be sure to get enough sleep, and listen to your body. If the average person should sleep for 6 – 8 hours, this does not mean that that is how much time you need to sleep you. Follow the diet, do not abuse oily and fried foods, include in your diet more fruits and vegetables. Reduce the amount of alcohol and coffee, quit Smoking.
Learn to notice the first signs of a panic attack – when the heartbeat is just starting to become more frequent. Try to leave the place that caused you the panic out of the crowded room, get out of the crowd at the city celebration. If you are not able to do it, resort to respiratory gymnastics. Take a short inhale, then hold your breath, then slowly exhale. Continue to breathe as long as the panic attack will not back down.
An anxiety attack you have is not the first time, you're prepared for it, it will last a few minutes, you know that ultimately nothing bad will happen, you can handle it. Repeat this during the attack, and these minutes will not seem so scary.
If during a panic attack next to you is close people start to tell him about your feelings. As you have a beating heart like you run cross, as the ground was slipping from under his feet. If at this moment you are alone, describe your feelings to yourself.
An anxiety attack is much easier to prevent than to overcome. Try to avoid stress, do not try to suppress negative emotions, to take life easier. If necessary, visit a therapist. It will help you to find the reason why you are having panic attacks, and tell us what methods you will be easier to cope with it.