Your desires should be a bit. Should not want everything at once, because nothing but loss of time with you will not happen. Live in the here and now.
The desire to be in some degree available for you now. It is not necessary to waste time and wait when the universe will help you lose weight. Perhaps in this situation, you should reconsider your diet and like to workout in the gym.
Desire in any case not supposed to hurt anyone. You should never wish your enemies of evil, as, perhaps, not reaching the destination, your evil will come back to you.
The desire must be yours. That is, it should not be imposed by anyone, be it friends, family, children or a trading company. You need to check the desire. To do this you must ask yourself a question and hear the answer. If asking a question, you feel the heat, comes a sense of joy and there is absolutely no negative factors, including the realization of future obstacles, it is your desire. If you feel that the desire is never fulfilled, or it will be very difficult to perform, or perhaps for some reason your family will not accept you received the result, alas, you are either not yet ready to accept in their lives these changes, or does that desire is not for you.
The desire to touch only you. Zagadyvaya desire involving other people, you violate the fundamental law of the Universe is about freedom of choice. Each person is free to choose a path and go with him through life. You can't make that decision for other people, so this desire is simply not true. Think to like you in the preparation and the desire not to confront certain images of people.
The correct wording of wishes. You must clearly present all the details of the implementation and end result desires. Visualize and feel all the emotions as if you have already received. Very important details to think through all the details. The more you "draw" the picture in your head the closer the realization of your dreams. For convenience, take a piece of paper and thoroughly write each step.
You need to put the most comfortable for you time implementing the desire. Do not rush, you must allow the events to unfold in your life. When referring to the term is to include a little logical thinking. For example, your desire to have a separate apartment, you know that with all your desire, the realization of tomorrow is unlikely. Events are a succession of the mainstream of your life. Of course, you can not set the timing, but then the universe will choose this time for you.
It is also important that the desire you have to mentally let go. In any case it is not necessary to dwell on it, but at the same time, remember that it must be true.
Using these principles your wishes and dreams will come true.