The first thing to remember about loved ones. And you need to think about that same pain which you are experiencing now, there's still a few people feel because of your death (ie your fault). Somehow it's not fair to them, right?
Think, and whether you believe that suicide is the best way? You should not think that it is painless and fast. Before biological death, always comes first, clinical. This means that you do not disconnect immediately after the suicide. You from several minutes to several hours or even days will all feel. All the pain. To know all this time that will soon be buried. Cruel thing to say, but I think it will make you think.
No matter what your mood now:
1. Take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns.
2. In the first column write the text paragraph by paragraph all of its problems and failures, which you wanted to commit suicide, and the second try come up with solutions to these problems.
3. Do not rush your answers. Perhaps due to the severe depression you will be reluctant to do it, but try to anyway. Imagine this kind of game.
Buy yourself a pet, regardless of whether you have it or not. Will buy another. Small. Kitten or puppy. It may sound trite, but the thoughts of suicide and even depression you have will fade!