Insanity is a severe mental disorder, which interferes with the unity of the human body and soul. The perception of reality, a sick mental illness significantly distorted.

It is believed that madness, schizophrenia, manic depression and other similar mental disorders often have a hereditary background. So at risk are children and the mentally unhealthy individuals. Also considerably undermine the human psyche addictions: alcoholism, drug addiction, Smoking, use of certain medications.

A healthy person can suddenly or gradually go insane from the stress. Such cases were not exceptions in times of war, blockades and other global shocks. Personal experiences from failed relationships, lack of money, death of loved ones sometimes lead people to personality disorder, depression. During this period, man is able to create anything you want, including suicide. Therefore, the main task of every person is to to provide families and friends the much-needed moral support and help throughout life. It is important to remember that life's difficulties and challenges are able to crack even the most strong and stable human psyche.

Many studies confirm that excessive sensibility of the person making the problems too close to heart first leads to neurosis, sleep disorders, and then may result in irreversible processes in the mind, contributing to the emergence of mental disorders. That is why it is important to be able to keep calm in extreme situations and to enjoy life even when circumstances are not in your favor.