To cheer up or to relieve irritation, you can do some exercises. They can occur at any time, no need to go somewhere and not draw attention to himself. Even at the meeting you will be able to cope with all the stress. Need to do 10 breaths as strong. Thus focus only on this process for a few seconds stop to think about the source of negative emotions.
To regain the ability to think sequentially, slowly count to 10. This method is used before you start talking to not immediately fall in charges, speak on the substance. This pause will help you concentrate and not to say too much. Breathing confidence after the procedure will help to be more persuasive.
A good way to stop worrying — switching. Remember something pleasant, and immerse yourself in childhood memories or pictures of your holiday. Browse in the head moments that are very pleasing and cheerful, it will improve overall health. You can still see the window, it is also a way to escape, especially good if in the street the sun is shining. Smile at him, it will help you to relax.
To clear the condition completely, you need a good rest. Take a vacation or a few days off and regroup. It is necessary not just to sleep and get away and to plunge into new experiences. If possible, buy a ticket to the sea or to the mountains, if you can't leave, spend a couple of days outdoors or at the cottage. Deal with cases that were previously not made, change of activity, returns the taste for life.
Work out. When apathy is best to choose something active, for example, Boxing. You will be able to vent frustrations on the opponent or the simulators. Also suitable for Aqua aerobics, gym. Stiffness, muscle tension will start to go through a week of training, and the General condition of the body to improve. And regular exercise can help to distract you from the fact that prevents to be happy.
Laughter helps to relieve depression. Call your friends, invite them to Comedy. Devise a way to laugh. Today you can visit the trampoline, it's fun for any age, where people are just learning to jump as high as possible. If we participate with your friends, it's fun. Usually these things are installed in fitness clubs. Visit these classes to find strength for life.