Causes of anger:

  1. Wounded pride. Some people think that the offender deliberately wants to insult or hurt by their behavior, their feelings. It hurts. And a desire to take revenge.
  2. The feeling of helplessness. It is always easier to take it out on who is weaker. People often feel slighted, afraid or unable to protest. In such cases, all the anger could lead to a child that came to hand. It's easier to do this than to subdue the hated boss.
  3. Charging aggression and the desire to send it to others. Very often at work or other places the person is in a rather tense situation where he shout. Receiving a portion of anger, to throw him only on defenseless people who can't fight back. But you need to remember about the effect of "boomerang". After all the bad things ever come back in multiple sizes.
  4. The desire to defend their point of view. When a person suddenly erupts in response to the criticism of others, it means he's unconsciously trying to defend their views before people with whom once was going to argue. It can be parents, teachers, and others.

Ways of dealing with anger:

Not to insult other people, you need time to withdraw from a stressful situation. You can tell the person that much stress and avoid the conflict need to stop the conversation. Then leave the room to calm down and return with a fresh head.

You can imagine the enemy. This helps to relieve stress and to get relaxation. You can make a mannequin or hang a punching bag and to join with the enemy in battle. You can also provide the offender with some funny situations. For example, how he fell in the dirt or did you spill something on yourself.

To control outbursts of aggression, you can hang over the table a photo of a person screaming and try not to be like him.

Psychologists propose to write a letter to my abuser. You should lose on paper all your negative emotions, you can read about the break up.

Not to give in to tantrums, it is necessary to alternate work with rest. On the weekend you can go to rest on nature, go to bed early more often to walk and exercise. It is proven that physical activity positive charges.

You can try breathing exercises. In critical situations it is necessary to deeply inhale and hold the air for a few seconds. Should be repeated 10 times.

Will help to calm me down sedatives. It can be as pills and tinctures from medicinal herbs.

But it is best to understand the cause of their anger and to deal with the problem immediately. Otherwise, aggression will haunt forever.