Life circumstances

The person who has experienced many unpleasant moments, I can sometimes think of death as deliverance from suffering. The reasons for this can be of a personal nature. Unhappy, unrequited love, no established career, a big conflict with the team, a quarrel with a loved one, a feeling of separation, feeling of loneliness can evoke thoughts of death.

Sometimes the individual finds himself in a difficult life situation from which he sees no other way out than death. The financial crisis, a stalemate, a universal shame, guilt can cause thoughts of suicide.

The desire to die may appear too good life. It happens that people, jaded with material things, physical pleasures, unable to detect in myself have any desire.
Such people are sometimes disappointed in life and often think about leaving her.


If thoughts of death never leave you, you need to take action. It is clear that it is not necessary to succumb to them, but sometimes it's hard to see in my life something good that they are able to persuade and divert thoughts of suicide.

Need to change your life dramatically. If you don't dig nothing, you have nothing to lose. So you can live as you wish, to risk, to try, to pursue their secret desires. Remember, there is always an alternative.
Most importantly – start to change your reality, and maybe a new life will carry you away.


Obsessive thoughts about suicide can be a consequence of the disease. When a person is seriously ill, a long time stunned or suffers severe pain and has no hope of recovery, death may seem to him desirable. Withdrawing from life, such an individual wants to end their physical suffering.

In addition, thoughts of suicide can appear in mentally ill people. Depression, mania, delusions can cause a person thoughts of death. People trapped in a cult, sometimes suggesting that they need to kill themselves slowly and gradually. If time does not help these miserable, they are able to carry out their plans in favor of the organizers of the sect.

The craze of alcoholic beverages or narcotic substances may also be the reason for thinking about death. The fact that alcohol is a strong depressant that destroys the person and the human nervous system. Therefore, alcohol reduces the quality of life, but the level of optimism. Drugs can change the consciousness to such an extent that the person does not want to live without apparent reason.