Calm down and decide to fight. All the worst has already happened. Now I give you the future. It begins here and now, at this very moment. And if you decide not to surrender, your future is immediately painted in the colors of the rainbow. Life goes to meet those who are not discouraged.So it is in nature. When pouring rain, thunder, the sky overcast, the tree is nowhere to hide. It bends from the wind, the leaves break down. But the tree didn't give up and falls to the ground. It takes a little time, the wind subsides, the clouds go away, the sun comes out. Raindrops glisten beautifully on the surviving leaves. And the tree continues to live and bear fruit.Be like this tree. Now in your life storm, but you look to the future. Calm down and don't give up. Everything will work out, no storm can last forever. Such is life.
Look at those who are even worse. You have the whole hands and feet? - Look at people in wheelchairs. You have shoes on your feet? - Look at the poor in a leaky Shoe. On your table there is still the bread? - Go on a visit to the retired people who spent all the money on drugs and waiting for the next pension to buy enough milk and bread. You don't understand the parents? - Go to the orphanage, look into the eyes of children who have been abandoned. You have a furnished apartment? - Go to the hostel, look at the shared toilets and kitchen. Whatever happens now in your life, there are always people who are much heavier.View a film about the siege of Leningrad, as people were dying of hunger. View a film about the concentration camps during the time of fascism. Then you realize that your life is already a lot of good, light and joyful, despite everything you've difficulties. Be grateful for all that you have.
Record your dreams. Slide in the direction of the current problems. Think about how to strive for in childhood. Remember, dreamed about at an older age. Record all your memories. You must have a clear picture of a "bright future". You should know what all seek in life.
Make a plan to overcome the biggest current problem. Each situation has a way out. If you can't find it yourself, talk with someone. Good advice can be obtained even from a passerby. Go meet people, ask their opinion. Make a plan and immediately proceed to its implementation.