Discover a new meaning of life. Put important goal and try to achieve it. Remember the Hobbies of childhood. What you dreamed of becoming? Maybe once you wanted to learn to paint or dance. Sign up for painting lessons, or start to visit the dance Studio. Do something different from the usual lifestyle. Fill the day with new impressions. One of the ways to regain zest for life – to engage in extreme sport: mountain skiing, diving, parachute jumping, etc. the Sense of risk, danger close will give you to understand that life is the most precious thing you have. Sports contribute to the production of endorphin - the hormone of happiness.
Find someone in distress and try to help him. First, you realize that your trouble is not an isolated case in the world. Second, helping another person, you will be distracted from their own negative experiences. Thirdly, together easier to find a way to obtain strength to live on. Try not to feel sorry for each other, not to pander to the weaknesses and self-loathing, and to consider ways of solving the problem and do something to address it.
Change your environment. Work makes you depressed, causes a persistent feeling of fear or rejection? Try to get a job which will bring not only material but also moral satisfaction. The walls of the house remind of the gone person? Change the place of residence or take a trip somewhere for a little while at the resort, on a guided tour, to visit distant relatives. To distract from negative thoughts is very good recreation. Friends regularly remind you of some unpleasant event, pressuring you or making fun? Change your circle of friends or learn to resist pressure. Engage auto-training or meditation to take control of negative thoughts and emotions.