But to avoid this, first you need to calm down a little physically, using breathing exercises. Breathe slowly and deeply, trying to feel the passage of air into the lungs. Concentrate on your breathing, try to relax all parts of the body.
Ask yourself questions, or otherwise associated with the cause of your mental unrest. Perhaps you have forgotten something important, something what was impossible to forget. Or you did a bad thing, mind forgot, but your soul. You need to find out, ask yourself what you need to do to it the excitement is gone. Carry in ourselves this question constantly, and one day, unexpectedly, the answer will pop up itself.
If the cause is emotional pain you are aware of, then you have to ask the question another direction: how do you cope? As a rule, it is clear the answer is no, life itself will help you by sending the right people and significant situation. You just need to be attentive to detail, because if the soul is not calm, she wants to tell you about something important.
Try meditation. This spiritual practice helps not only soothe the soul of a person, but to find answers to the main questions. Namely, that he is doing wrong, and why is it so bad? In the Lotus position or, for a start, in a position in which you most convenient, try to relax and let go of all thoughts. Breathe evenly and slowly, focusing on breathing in and out. All that flashes in my head, miss, don't cling to it. After a while you will feel that your soul responds to you, she is ready to make contact and tell them what's wrong with her.
Be more often with friends and relatives, with friends and especially with children and animals. In loving and loyal eyes that are fully open to us, sometimes you can find answers to the most important questions.
Follow intuition. Feeling the excitement, people can get up and go somewhere. No need to prevent this impulse, you may expect a small but important journey.
Go to the so-called places of Power. They are all over the Earth, the most well known are India, Tibet, the deserts of Mexico. The soul that rushes about and worries in you, will react to this idea positively. You may even pull in this journey, as you will feel that it is there can find answers.