Move "head" to the work. Long famous sayings: "Work is the best distraction from grief" and "idleness is the mother of all vices." And it's true. After all, when a man is constantly busy he has no time nor the energy to feel sorry for yourself to be in prisoner of painful thoughts, or even more to go crazy from idleness. It's not just about working in the priority sense. You can find yourself an interesting hobby that can help those who are in desperate need of help, that is charity.

Be mad at yourself, "shake it out". The famous writer Stefan Zweig began to write the book "Magellan" after a cruise on a luxury ocean liner. Where everything was so comfortable, cozy and serene, it was starting to irritate, to drive them into boredom. And writer, by his own admission, suddenly felt shame and frustration at myself. He mentally compared the great benefits in which he was, with those which befell the seamen-pioneers. The result was a beautiful book about a brave sailor.

If you are a believer, you can feel the taste of life, remembering that on religious canons, despair is considered a mortal sin, and life is a precious gift of God. This idea is sure to get a hold of yourself. In the end, you can always talk to a priest, to obtain his advice and guidance.

Compare yourself with others, because there are so many people who are not lucky in life! Some of them happened very real tragedies that can literally break anyone. However, they did not lose heart, but bravely confront evil fate. They should learn.

Try to get more positive emotions from the simplest everyday things. Beautiful sunset, good weather, a child's smile - it's all reason for joy. And painful thoughts that life is meaningless it's just a moment of weakness.