Advice 1: What to do if you are tired of living

A person may encounter a difficult situation, when nothing pleases, and life itself seems empty and meaningless. Typically, this occurs when at the same time fall in big trouble. Here it fit to lose heart, thinking that nothing good will be no more. There are opposite situations: the person has everything your heart desires. It would seem, live so rejoice! And he was faint from boredom, burn life aimlessly, not knowing what to do. There are simple ways by which and in that and in other case it is possible to feel again the taste of life.
What to do if you are tired of living
Move "head" to the work. Long famous sayings: "Work is the best distraction from grief" and "idleness is the mother of all vices." And it's true. After all, when a man is constantly busy he has no time nor the energy to feel sorry for yourself to be in prisoner of painful thoughts, or even more to go crazy from idleness. It's not just about working in the priority sense. You can find yourself an interesting hobby that can help those who are in desperate need of help, that is charity.

Be mad at yourself, "shake it out". The famous writer Stefan Zweig began to write the book "Magellan" after a cruise on a luxury ocean liner. Where everything was so comfortable, cozy and serene, it was starting to irritate, to drive them into boredom. And writer, by his own admission, suddenly felt shame and frustration at myself. He mentally compared the great benefits in which he was, with those which befell the seamen-pioneers. The result was a beautiful book about a brave sailor.

If you are a believer, you can feel the taste of life, remembering that on religious canons, despair is considered a mortal sin, and life is a precious gift of God. This idea is sure to get a hold of yourself. In the end, you can always talk to a priest, to obtain his advice and guidance.

Compare yourself with others, because there are so many people who are not lucky in life! Some of them happened very real tragedies that can literally break anyone. However, they did not lose heart, but bravely confront evil fate. They should learn.

Try to get more positive emotions from the simplest everyday things. Beautiful sunset, good weather, a child's smile - it's all reason for joy. And painful thoughts that life is meaningless it's just a moment of weakness.

Advice 2: What if people went crazy

The first signs of mental illness become noticeable to others. If your loved one or colleague has gone mad, you must follow certain tactics of behavior before the arrival of the ambulance.
What if people went crazy

Symptoms of mental illness

Symptoms of mental illness can appear after acute stress, prolonged intake of alcoholic drinks, narcotic or psychotropic substances. Each person signs of reactive psychosis or mental illness may be different. But almost all begin to behave inappropriately.

The man who has gone mad, you can scream, tear their hair, clothes, singing, dancing in places not designated for this purpose, adequately to answer simple questions, to say that he sees non-existent objects, and hears annoying voices. Other patients may need a long time to lie, not giving signs of life, do not respond to questions and stimuli.

How to behave with a mentally ill person

First and foremost, call 03, call the ambulance. Before the arrival of qualified specialists try not to be in dispute with a crazy person not to Express their point of view, not play along, don't try to convince the patient that all his statements are delusional. Do not allow familiarity or rudeness. Keep the conversation on neutral topics. If the home kit is sedatives: Valerian, motherwort, Corvalol, persuade the patient to take the medicine.

Get out of sight of sharp, piercing and cutting items, heavy statues and all that, one way or another, can bring harm to the patient and others. Keep calm, do not lose vigilance, do not leave the room where the mentally ill person.

The arrival of the ambulance clearly and explicitly explain to the doctor, when did the inappropriate behavior and what it is expressed.



Advice 3: What to do if there is no reason to live

This question seems scary and baffling. The whole world is losing paint and disappears any desire to do anything to change life. But if you are asking this question, so you want to find a way out of a difficult situation. As we know, every problem has at least two solutions, only need to slightly change the angle of view.
What to do if there is no reason to live

Fight with the victim complex

If you are too focused on finding the meaning of life, it only says that you have too much free time for reflection. You ask yourself this question again and again looking for advice from others. The reason for this may be the desire to cause self-pity to such poor and wretched, to see in the eyes of others sympathy. You just don't have someone else's attention. Look, don't get carried away with the situation of the victim, otherwise you risk to make the complex, to cope with which will be able only a professional psychologist.

Give time to work in your life

They say time heals. And really, that depression and painful search for the answer to the question "How to find the meaning of life?" within months, maybe weeks, will leave you. You unexpectedly find worth living for. Just do not give a temporary difficulties. The fact that you can unsettle some problem, tragedy or a series of problems. If you have no health problems do not exist hopelessly sick or paralyzed relatives, whom you fear to lose, you have to live and where, therefore, there are no objective reasons to dive into complete apathy, there can be no need to endure this difficult period.

Don't live for something one

You left a wife (or husband)? You lost your job? Or maybe betrayed a friend? Any of these unpleasant situations can basically knock out of the habitual life gauge. However, you cannot live for something or someone one. If you have lost a prestigious job, a loved one because they will not go away, as well as friends and relatives. They will help relive the problem. Or, if you betrayed a friend, you have other friends. And your spouse may be comforting. So, losing one, take comfort in each other.

Occupy yourself

Instead of having to roam the Network in search of the meaning of its existence, occupy yourself with meaningful things: load work, locate interesting hobby, get new friends. In your position there is one advantage which you may not see it: if you have nothing to lose, so, you can try to change your life to 180 degrees. You have never traveled abroad - go to issue a passport. Do not jump with a parachute for fear of heights? Now you are not afraid of doing struggle with their phobias. You yourself will not notice how to acquire true freedom.

Live for the sake of others

Sometimes, no matter how trying, can't find meaning in everyday life. In this case, you should try to live for others, for example, to do charity work or all your efforts to let to provide for their children, that they received a good education and lived comfortably. Try to help, say, a child suffering from a serious illness, support the animal shelter or become a volunteer. Maybe you will realize the value of life and stop wondering How to find the meaning of life?", after all, you are healthy and probably still young enough to live and enjoy every day.

Advice 4: What to do if tired

Is that even the beloved early work at some point boring and overrated. Then every day at work is exhausting; it becomes a torture, makes you nervous and irritated all the more.
What to do if tired
Even if the work is tired and does not bring pleasure and joy, it can be dealt with. The important thing is to find the reasons for this state of Affairs. The employee was able to tire, process, to stress not to join a new team, become a party to the conflict, to love the other activity, to rethink their priorities in life. We have to act depending on what happened in his mind, life and career.

Change the atmosphere at work

When an employee works for a long time in one place or engaged in one activity, he is tired, which is quite a natural process. In this case you can simply ask to change your job to work on another project, to shift part of the work of the assistant, and to take on new challenges. These changes are not changing workplace, so you will be familiar with the working principle and General requirements for the performance of tasks, yet even this small change of activity will inhale in you new forces and will increase the motivation. In this case, you can even ask for a transfer to another Department or replaced at the time of the employee on leave.

In the event of a conflict in the team as soon as possible to stop it, or step back and not participate in the office confrontation. At this time it is unpleasant to be in the workplace, the situation around a tense and every day more and more exhausting, but all the conflicts sooner or later must end. It is better to entrust the solution of the conflict to the head of the Department or company.

In the case of General tiredness from work ask for the vacation at least two weeks forget about the existence of reports, drawings or graphs. At this time it is best to go to a place where you have never been, to get positive emotions and cheerfulness before returning to work.

Change the place of work

However, the work may be bored to such an extent that the employee no longer wants to see neither the company nor any of their colleagues or even their usual and have already studied the documents, transactions, customer, reports. Then there is only one solution - to change jobs or even to radically change their activities to do something new and as yet unknown. No need to fear the lack of experience, or my own age, after all, only doing what you like, you can be truly happy and satisfied man. Why suffer at a job that causes me nothing but negative emotions? No wonder the psychologists are advised to change jobs every 4-5 years - so the employee does not have time to get tired of everyday life he constantly learns new things and develops her skills.

Advice 5: What to do if mother-in-law got?

Creating a strong happy family is not easy. Especially when it interferes with someone else. Especially if the third party is the mother-in-law. Second mother always knows what is "better" for her son, and stubbornly impose their vision all around.
What to do if mother-in-law got?

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law: who is to blame and what to do

Usually have a problem sister-in-law arise because the young family lives with husband's parents. The couple always under the supervision of, and caring second mother prepared to intervene in the event of the slightest trouble.
Trying to appease mother-in-law gifts are not always successful. You can not please than will resplice loving squabbles second mother.

To avoid this it is better to live separately. But if this is not possible - decide on a serious conversation. Explain to mother-in-law that you and the husband are no longer small. You work, provide for myself, pay utilities, buy groceries. Live completely independently and are willing to take responsibility for performed actions.

Tell that your errors, problems and quarrels are your questions. You can easily solve them without the intervention of third parties. And if you need assistance, the first thing you'll want to seek advice from it to her husband's parents. Usually such a conversation is perceived very well and the mother-in-law, if it is adequate, intelligent woman and wants only the best for you, will no longer meddle in your life.

Mother-in-law do not understand the words - how to find a common language

If the mother in law too loves his son, plans to take care of him all his life, and after a Frank conversation, she will continue to get your family. The best option in this situation would be to move out. To start at the rented apartment. But if for some reason this is impossible, you have to keep the defense together with her husband.
Always talk with the mother-in-law respectfully. Yes, your peace of mind might cause an aggressive reaction. But if after that you are going to explode - anger-in-law down, and the scandal will go on recession.

The first thing agree that behaving with her mother in law the same. That is, there should not be such that the son around agrees with mom, and daughter always opposed. You're family. Before you enter into a dispute with the mother of her husband, find out a common position. Then proceed on the basis of the decision.

Try not to annoy her and generally less grace in her eyes. It happens that relatives cling to each other just out of boredom. If you will be coming home only to sleep - you have no reason for conflict, and mother-in-law will find a new game.

If the other mother gets you on the phone - don't take it. If there's something serious, you will send SMS, and you will call back. But if the calls were for nothing, you can tell that didn't answer as was in a meeting or out of range.
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