Advice 1: What to do if you are tired of living

A person may encounter a difficult situation, when nothing pleases, and life itself seems empty and meaningless. Typically, this occurs when at the same time fall in big trouble. Here it fit to lose heart, thinking that nothing good will be no more. There are opposite situations: the person has everything your heart desires. It would seem, live so rejoice! And he was faint from boredom, burn life aimlessly, not knowing what to do. There are simple ways by which and in that and in other case it is possible to feel again the taste of life.
What to do if you are tired of living
Move "head" to the work. Long famous sayings: "Work is the best distraction from grief" and "idleness is the mother of all vices." And it's true. After all, when a man is constantly busy he has no time nor the energy to feel sorry for yourself to be in prisoner of painful thoughts, or even more to go crazy from idleness. It's not just about working in the priority sense. You can find yourself an interesting hobby that can help those who are in desperate need of help, that is charity.

Be mad at yourself, "shake it out". The famous writer Stefan Zweig began to write the book "Magellan" after a cruise on a luxury ocean liner. Where everything was so comfortable, cozy and serene, it was starting to irritate, to drive them into boredom. And writer, by his own admission, suddenly felt shame and frustration at myself. He mentally compared the great benefits in which he was, with those which befell the seamen-pioneers. The result was a beautiful book about a brave sailor.

If you are a believer, you can feel the taste of life, remembering that on religious canons, despair is considered a mortal sin, and life is a precious gift of God. This idea is sure to get a hold of yourself. In the end, you can always talk to a priest, to obtain his advice and guidance.

Compare yourself with others, because there are so many people who are not lucky in life! Some of them happened very real tragedies that can literally break anyone. However, they did not lose heart, but bravely confront evil fate. They should learn.

Try to get more positive emotions from the simplest everyday things. Beautiful sunset, good weather, a child's smile - it's all reason for joy. And painful thoughts that life is meaningless it's just a moment of weakness.

Advice 2 : What to do if tired

Is that even the beloved early work at some point boring and overrated. Then every day at work is exhausting; it becomes a torture, makes you nervous and irritated all the more.
What to do if tired
Even if the work is tired and does not bring pleasure and joy, it can be dealt with. The important thing is to find the reasons for this state of Affairs. The employee was able to tire, process, to stress not to join a new team, become a party to the conflict, to love the other activity, to rethink their priorities in life. We have to act depending on what happened in his mind, life and career.

Change the atmosphere at work

When an employee works for a long time in one place or engaged in one activity, he is tired, which is quite a natural process. In this case you can simply ask to change your job to work on another project, to shift part of the work of the assistant, and to take on new challenges. These changes are not changing workplace, so you will be familiar with the working principle and General requirements for the performance of tasks, yet even this small change of activity will inhale in you new forces and will increase the motivation. In this case, you can even ask for a transfer to another Department or replaced at the time of the employee on leave.

In the event of a conflict in the team as soon as possible to stop it, or step back and not participate in the office confrontation. At this time it is unpleasant to be in the workplace, the situation around a tense and every day more and more exhausting, but all the conflicts sooner or later must end. It is better to entrust the solution of the conflict to the head of the Department or company.

In the case of General tiredness from work ask for the vacation at least two weeks forget about the existence of reports, drawings or graphs. At this time it is best to go to a place where you have never been, to get positive emotions and cheerfulness before returning to work.

Change the place of work

However, the work may be bored to such an extent that the employee no longer wants to see neither the company nor any of their colleagues or even their usual and have already studied the documents, transactions, customer, reports. Then there is only one solution - to change jobs or even to radically change their activities to do something new and as yet unknown. No need to fear the lack of experience, or my own age, after all, only doing what you like, you can be truly happy and satisfied man. Why suffer at a job that causes me nothing but negative emotions? No wonder the psychologists are advised to change jobs every 4-5 years - so the employee does not have time to get tired of everyday life he constantly learns new things and develops her skills.
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