Advice 1: Why is dog coughing like a choked

If the dog started coughing – it's not a reason to panic, but to ignore it. Because coughing is a protective function of the body. Once your pet is coughing, then there is a reason. In order to help the animal, you need to figure out what it is.
Why is dog coughing like a choked

Why a dog has a cough?

There are many causes of cough in dogs.

Perhaps your four-legged friend repurchased or supercooled and, as a consequence, cold. The first symptom of the common cold in dogs is coughing.

The dog can also catch an infection from a sick dog, for example, adenovirus. This disease is also called kennel cough because it dwells in places of a congestion of dogs.

If the dog coughs mostly during the walk, check the collar. Perhaps he too tightened and prevents the animal to breathe normally and swallow.

The cough may be caused by the fact that the dog has something stuck in the throat or upper Airways.

The dog may start coughing due to allergies to food, dust, chemicals, plants, insect bites, sprays from fleas and ticks. Usually, this cough is accompanied by watery eyes and sneezing.

If a dog has a heart condition, it can also be a cause of cough. Except for the cough of the animal, there is another symptom – gums bluish-gray color.

It is important to understand that coughing is not a disease but a symptom. Therefore, to determine the true causes of cough need to evaluate the status of dogs in General. For this you need to measure temperature, examine the oral cavity for the presence of ulcers or bleeding, palpate the trachea, the stomach, to check whether enlarged lymph nodes. Worth a watch, there was still some symptoms like phlegm.

If the cough does not pass, then your observations will help the vet make a correct diagnosis.

In some cases, the dog coughs as if choking?

In addition to other symptoms the nature of the cough may help a lot to figure out what caused the cough.

If the dog coughs as if choking, then she's trying to get rid of what prevents it. But she may be a foreign object that is caught in the throat or bronchi. It may be a sliver of a stick she nibbled on the street, seeds, cones, paper, pieces of toys. In this case, the cough may be paroxysmal, sometimes with frothy secretions and sometimes blood. The same character sometimes cough if the dog has inhaled or ingested the poison. So, noticing a cough, immediately contact your veterinarian. Every hour of delay can cost the dog's life.

You could treat your pet in hot weather, ice cream or drink cold water, does a dog with a sore throat, inflamed tonsils. They interfere with her, and she tries to cough up as a foreign body.

The dog may also try to cough the worms. If the dog have not carried out prevention of worms, and they accumulated a huge amount, then they can freely walk around the esophagus and interfere with her cough and she will try to get rid of them.

What to do if a dog is coughing?

If the dog coughed a few times, she is playful and eats normally, the owner nothing needs to be done. Just watch the animals.
If my pet does not stop during the day, or shortness of breath, fever, the dog becomes listless and indifferent, we need to go to the doctor.

It is not necessary to self-treatment, because the symptoms can only be determined the possible cause of cough. The true picture only show the results of the survey. Therefore, in order not to deal then with complications, you should immediately seek help from a specialist.

Advice 2 : What if the dog coughs

Often, the concern of dog owners is causing the cough of an animal. In order to find out the cause of this phenomenon, some turn for help to the vet, and many are trying to find an explanation for themselves. As a rule, the correct answer can still tell the doctor, making a diagnosis of the organs of the animal.
What if the dog coughs

The first thing to ask for help. The physician must identify the cause of the cough, and then assign the appropriate treatment.

The most common disease when coughing – collapse (narrowing of trachea), laringo-pharyngitis, tracheitis, laryngitis. These diseases are associated with problems of the upper respiratory tract. But also, do not rule out pathology of the lower respiratory tract: pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, chronic or acute bronchitis. Based on the diagnosis by the doctor, your pet will be assigned the appropriate treatment.

When laringo-pharyngitis and laryngitis in dogs increased lymph nodes. She also becomes more sluggish and often lost his voice. Your dog refuses to eat and walks. In this case, release him from the collar, as it exerts strong pressure on the throat. Try to avoid cold food and water. Limit the time walking in cold or rainy weather. If during the week you don't notice improvement, be sure to see a vet.

Dry cough with bouts can serve as a basis for suspicion of a disease such as the trachea. Often it is accompanied by shortness of breath and inspiratory stringnum breath. The disease is caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites. Infectious disease can be cured only by special drugs prescribed by a veterinarian.

Chronic and acute bronchitis - also quite common among dogs. Wet and coughing – one of the symptoms of this disease. It appears, as a rule, during a walk or after a NAP. In this disease, do not delay going to the doctor, as your dog may get a complication.

Allergic bronchitis can be caused by the influence of the environment, for example, an insect bite. In this case you will need long-term treatment anti-allergic drugs. In any case, showing your pet to the vet never hurts.

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