You will need
  • Antipyretics, towel, cold water or ice.
Animals are often unable to cope with the disease, so sometimes they just need to give the opportunity to lie down or lower the temperature on their own. If you see that the dog lies on the cold tile in the bathroom or lying down in unusual places for her, in any case not drove her out. Cold tiles or damp soil can reduce the temperature of a body one degree. Should not be neglected. If the animal is not looking for cold places in the apartment, open the window (if it's cold outside) or curtain the Windows to create the necessary shadow and coolness.
температура у овчарки что делать
At high temperature, you should immediately consult your veterinarian. If the temperature rose in the evening or you're away from the city and can't consult with a specialist quickly, you need to bring down the temperature prior to the clinic visit. Better suited for this contact cooling. Wet the dog's back and stomach with cold water or put it on a wet towel. Best of all the moisture evaporates from the inner thighs, neck and forehead, so ensure that these places were always cool and moist.
Какие прививки надо делать собаке ежегодно
If the temperature is very high, give the animal an antipyretic. For large dogs you can use the conventional drugs used for adults: paracetamol, Nurofen or other. If the dog is medium or dwarf, or sick puppy, it is better to give medicines to reduce fever in children. But abuse of drugs is not worth it. Remember that the temperature of the animal can only be accessed by a very serious reason. Most likely, you are dealing with a severe internal infection or acute inflammatory process, which need to treat only under supervision of a specialist.