Liver disease in dogs: causes

The liver performs many functions and interacts with various processes that occur in the body of the dog. Therefore, this body is affected by different factors, among which stands out the following:
- bacterial infection;
- improper diet;
medicinal products;
- the abuse of inoculations;
- harmful substances to the environment.

Symptoms of liver disease in dogs:

- loss of appetite and recurrent vomiting, diarrhea or constipation;
- frequent urination and excessive thirst;
- chronic weight loss;
- lethargy and reduced activity;
- swollen abdomen due to fluid accumulation;
yellow coloration of eyeballs and gums;
- pain in the abdomen;
- changes in behavior, for example, aimless walking and circling;
- urine an orange color due to high bilirubin levels because the bile is not properly metabolized;
- feces are pale gray.

Liver disease in dogs: treatment

Although symptoms of liver disease are slight, prompt treatment may save the dog's life, because the liver is the only organ that is capable of full regeneration. At the first suspicion on the health problems of the animal should seek help from a qualified veterinarian.

Change in nutrition should ensure the formation of energy and nutrients, which are necessary to improve regeneration of liver cells. In diet consists of easily digestible carbohydrates, such as rice. In addition, the necessary eggs. For dogs that eat dry food, it is better to give the special diet food. The daily ration should be divided into 4-6 small servings.

Since the liver is the breakdown of complex chemicals to reduce the load on it will allow reducing the consumption of chemical preservatives and artificial additives. From food dogs suffering from liver disease, need to eliminate sugar, chocolate, bone, and tomatoes. Can be a very useful daily intake of mineral supplements and vitamins. However, it is worth remembering that the change in dog food should be based on diagnosis, and it is better to discuss with your vet.

If the liver disease was caused by bacterial infection, the doctor prescribes antibiotics. If you have more serious problems, such as anemia or cancer, you need extra medical care.

Sometimes treatment of liver disease in dogs may also be applied homeopathic treatment, and herbal treatment. Some of the natural remedies capable of restoring damaged liver cells to help detoxify the blood. With hepatitis A in the water dogs are useful to add different infusions and decoctions of herbs - succession, sage leaves, marjoram, chamomile, licorice, bilberry fruit.

A dog suffering from liver disease should lead a calm and measured way of life, not to overwork and not to worry.

To prevent liver disease in dogs you need to monitor the quality of feed. Nutrition of the animal should be balanced.