A cough can take place in light or protracted form. In the first case, it may be a symptom of hypothermia, the flu, allergies to pollen and corrosive gases. A long cough that lasts for months and turning into the chronic form, occurs in diseases such as laryngitis, tonsillitis and sinusitis, as well as in certain diseases of the bronchi and lungs. Also cough is divided into dry and wet. Wet accompanied by swallowing movements and saliva. However, no matter what form of cough in dogs, its cause, if not addressed, can lead to serious consequences. Even a mild illness can lead to serious complications, therefore, must get rid of it.
лечить бронхит у собак
If dogs had the flu, the cough usually goes away after a week. SARS animal warm with a warm blanket, give him to take medicinal plants such as licorice and marshmallow, and with a painful cough prescribe codeine and hydrochloride of glaucina. Pet walking only in very warm overalls and try to limit his contact with other dogs, as the disease may be contagious.
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Dogs is often allergic cough. In this case, it can join in allergic rhinitis, watery eyes, sore throat. However, sometimes Allergy found common and dry cough, without additional symptoms. Allergies can occur in pollen, synthetic wool, certain foods, washing powders. In such cases the dog, dexamethasone is prescribed, calcium chloride promethazine orally or intramuscularly.
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The reason for the long, and sometimes chronic cough may be bronchitis. It occurs on the background of severe hypothermia or poisoning gases. Bronchitis cough is at first painful and dry, and then it becomes wet. At the dog a fever, she eats very little and becomes lethargic. Same as usual, long and chronic cough is caused by Allergy to pollen. Treated bronchitis by creating for the animal a comfortable environment and overlaying warming compresses on the chest. Prescribe expectorants, such as marshmallow root and bicarbonate of sodium. The dog is injected with antibiotics and vitamins. In allergic bronchitis are appointed by antihistamines. To prevent the introduction of bronchitis should avoid exposure to cold dogs, dust and poisonous gases in her throat, and it is time to treat diseases such as tonsillitis and laryngitis.
Почему собака дергается во сне
Pneumonia, like bronchitis, can occur due to sinusitis, laryngitis and tonsillitis. In this disease also the possible severe cough and shortness of breath. From the dog's temperature rises to 40 degrees, flabbiness, she refuses to feed. The main cause of pneumonia is considered hypothermia. For this reason, walk your pet in this disease should also be wearing overalls only in dry weather. When listening to the chest of the dogsuffering from bronchopneumonia, prominent wheezing. Treat any form of pneumonia with antibiotics such as bicillin 3,-5, cephalosporin, penicillin, sisomicin. Animal prescribe vitamins and drink plenty of liquids. The cough is treated with expectorants, as in bronchitis.
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Regardless of what caused the cough and what it took the shape, treat the dog should be only at the vet.