The dog ate the toe – first steps

собака не кушает

Unfortunately, some animals, most often puppies, inedible items pull to yourself, like a magnet, and the owner does not always have time to keep up with your playful pet. If you noticed that in the mouth of your four-legged friend disappears sock, but did not have time to select your item, first try to cause a dog to vomit. For this animal, you can give a strong solution of salt or sprinkle the salt on the tongue.

Will help to achieve the desired result and a large amount of water (from half a liter to three liters depending on the size of the animal), poured into a dog. Naturally, the animal will voluntarily want to drink in excess of what it needs, or use salted liquid. You will have to draw water into the syringe without a needle (it is more convenient to use a large syringe) and pour the liquid into the animal's mouth, firmly fixing it and making sure that the dog is not choked. If you do it right, soon the hosiery product will be released with vomit.
It makes sense also to apply to the veterinary clinic, where doctors, using special medication will cause the animal vomiting and extract from it a foreign object.

Sometimes the vomiting does not bring the desired result, or a dog swallowed a sock a few hours ago, and this method is useless. In this case it is better to wait until the item in your wardrobe will leave the dog's stomach in a natural way. If you wish, you can speed up the process, giving the dog a laxative. As it can be vegetable oil. Just add a tablespoon of oil in the usual food of the animal and wait for the result. Walking carefully inspect the piles left by your pet on the ground to ensure that eaten the sock came out.

When you need to go to the vet

собака азиат как кормить правильно

For many animals eating a sock is without consequences, and soon the subject naturally leaves their body. However, you may be unforeseen difficulties. The textile product can clog the intestines of dogs, causing obstruction. In the most severe cases it can lead to death.
Especially dangerous cotton socks. This fabric is able to effectively absorb moisture and swell in the stomach, which impedes its progress through the digestive tract.

If within one or two days, the sock did not come from your pet, consult a veterinarian. The dog may need surgery, but then your pet will be healthy again.