The first thing to ask for help. The physician must identify the cause of the cough, and then assign the appropriate treatment.

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The most common disease when coughing – collapse (narrowing of trachea), laringo-pharyngitis, tracheitis, laryngitis. These diseases are associated with problems of the upper respiratory tract. But also, do not rule out pathology of the lower respiratory tract: pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, chronic or acute bronchitis. Based on the diagnosis by the doctor, your pet will be assigned the appropriate treatment.

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When laringo-pharyngitis and laryngitis in dogs increased lymph nodes. She also becomes more sluggish and often lost his voice. Your dog refuses to eat and walks. In this case, release him from the collar, as it exerts strong pressure on the throat. Try to avoid cold food and water. Limit the time walking in cold or rainy weather. If during the week you don't notice improvement, be sure to see a vet.

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Dry cough with bouts can serve as a basis for suspicion of a disease such as the trachea. Often it is accompanied by shortness of breath and inspiratory stringnum breath. The disease is caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites. Infectious disease can be cured only by special drugs prescribed by a veterinarian.

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Chronic and acute bronchitis - also quite common among dogs. Wet and coughing – one of the symptoms of this disease. It appears, as a rule, during a walk or after a NAP. In this disease, do not delay going to the doctor, as your dog may get a complication.

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Allergic bronchitis can be caused by the influence of the environment, for example, an insect bite. In this case you will need long-term treatment anti-allergic drugs. In any case, showing your pet to the vet never hurts.